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Dj Nina Stakz On Nicki Minaj, “She Could Be The Next Big ‘Femcee'”

Photo of female rapper Nicki Minaj

On last week, Nicki Minaj, the first lady of Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, made her Memphis debut at Club Chris Don’s and radio personality Dj Nina Staks spoke about the night on her blog saying that the Queens, New York native “defintely brings back the glam factor to a genre saturated with ‘D’ boys and dance crazes.”

“When it comes to her stage presence, she leaves something to be desired,” Dj Nina Staks writes on her blog. Then going into the venue, Nina Staks claims that the venue provided no stage lighting which in the words of Dj Nina Staks is a “no-no for female performers.”

Besides that, it seems that Nicki Minaj did her thing as, according to Nina Staks, even the “teenage girls in the crowd were loving her ‘Barbie B---h’ theme.”

Then giving probably her best compliment Staks claims Minaj could possibly be “the next big ‘Femcee’,” a prediction that comes quite early in Nicki Minaj’s career.

“In a few months I’d love to go to another Nicki Minaj show and see how she has grown,” wrote Nina Staks. “She has her own style and her lyrical prowess shows that she can most definetly hang with the boys in this industry.”

Then ending on the words of Nicki Minaj, Staks writes “We don’t say bye no more, we say Barbie B---H!”

Check out the Nina Staks’ full review on Nicki Minaj on her blog.

Photo of female rapper Nicki Minaj Picture of Nicki Minaj's infamous squat pose


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  1. I think nicki Minaj flow is on fire and can’t wait til her album touch down we needed her at the time want to see her and kim together and eat these rap b-----s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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