Diaper Cursing Omaha Toddler
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Diaper Wearing Omaha Toddler Cursing and Swearing On Video Taken Into Child Custody

Diaper Cursing Omaha Toddler

When you think of someone ‘swearing like a sailor,’ the last thing that comes to your mind would be a toddler. An Omaha toddler in a diaper was taken into child protective custody after a video of the diapered child swearing went viral online.

Raising up the middle finger while swearing, “shut up b---h” the child is prompted by laughing adults to repeat his crude profanity and sexual comments.

Police in Omaha, Nebraska for some reason posted the kid video swearing on their website labeling it a “cycle of violence and thuggery” that the community faces.

Following posting the video, Omaha Police Officers’ Association came under fire from the ACLU and the city’s police chief for placing the video on it’s site with the “thuggery” remark.

A community leader was upon those criticizing the Omaha Police Officers’ Association for the posting of the video. With about a quarter of Omaha residents being minority, critics of the video claimed the post antagonizes the minority communities.

Sgt. John Wells, who is the union’s president, claims the focus “wasn’t on any ethnic group” and was simply on the “troubling behavior towards the child” of the “disturbing” and “offensive” child video.

Admitting that nothing in the video was illegal, the police union wrote that it was “sickening, heartbreaking footage” and “they had an obligation to share it” to “educate the law abiding public” adding that they saw “a lot” of “flat out immoral and completely unhealthy” footage for the little child.

Still, the city has had its’ share of lawsuits by minorities for mistreatment by police officers and even criminal charges against officers in some cases.

President of the community activist group Black Men United, Willie Hamilton, claimed the Omaha Police Officers’ Union “crossed a line.”

Hamilton says the police took the video out of context condemning a child to a thug life of crime though a child doesn’t have the “brain capacity” to know what the “inappropriate” adults had him doing.

Hamilton added that the police website shouldn’t be used as a tool to “post nasty things,” and they should instead say that they “will not allow this kind of behavior” if they are “trying to amend the broken relationship [with] the community.”

Reportedly, the Omaha Police Department’s Youth Services Division has been sent the video to review further.

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