Renisha McBride Shot By Man After Knocking On Door For Help

Dearborn Heights Homeowner Claims Shooting of Detroit Teen Renisha McBride Was Accident

Renisha McBride Shot By Man After Knocking On Door For Help

After Detroit teen Renisha McBride, 19, knocked on a homeowner’s door in the middle of the night seeking help, little did she know that it would be the night her life would end. Renisha McBride was fatally shot in the head and now the homeowner is saying it was a shotgun accident.

Renisha McBride was believed to be seeking help following a car crash in Dearborn Heights in Michigan and now her family, friends and concerned citizens have gathered together to demand justice.

Around 2:30 AM, Saturday, McBride who lives in Detroit, Michigan is believed to have approached the unidentified man’s home looking for help after being in an accident with another car which her family believes is due to her phone being dead. McBride is thought to have been walking away from the porch when she was shot and was struck in the face by a gunshot.

Renisha McBride died later as a result of her injuries on the porch.

According to police, the unnamed man is claiming that he believes she was trying break in his home. The unidentified man also allegedly stated that he accidentally discharged his shotgun.

Meanwhile, family is questioning why he didn’t call police if he thought someone was trying to break into his home if he felt scared or threatened.

The unnamed man didn’t report the shooting and police are stated to have only responded after receiving several calls from neighbors.

McBride’s aunt, Bernita Spinks, believes that the incident may stem from racism and stated that if the roles were reversed and a stranger had knocked on her door, she would be already in jail for shooting them.

While Detroit is a city with over 80 percent black population, Dearborn Heights is reportedly over 80 white population.

Renisha McBride was laid to rest in a funeral on today. Police are still reportedly investigating the incident while no arrest has reportedly been made in the shooting.

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