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Deanna Brown: Making Power Plays

According to S.E.A. (Southern Entertainment Awards) nominations it seems that’s DeAnna Brown is making power plays in the industry as the talented and attractive young business lady was nominated for 2009 S.E.A. power player of the year. In an interview with one of’s own, DeAnna Jo Brown talks about how she ended up working with the site, how the news of her nomination made her feel, how she got where she is today and where she wants to be in the future. As if you need an introduction, tell everyone your name, who you are and what it is you do at

DeAnna Jo: I’m DeAnna Jo, the crunkest female in Memphis!  Actually I do a little bit of everything for I write articles, help plan events, sell advertising, and most importantly I REPRESENT. Are you a Memphis native?

DeAnna Jo: I sure am! I was raised in East Memphis and still claim it till this day. I love my city. How did you end up working with

DeAnna Jo: I had posted on Myspace when I first joined that I was interested in entering the promotion world and that I loved writing. M Town scouted me out, our ideas clicked and here I am. When you were first contacted about, what were your first thoughts?

DeAnna Jo: I was actually very excited. I had already been involved in the rap community as far as shows and promotions but I felt like this was a big step for me. Did you think it was someone playing games?

DeAnna Jo: You of course had to be skeptical of everyone and everything on the internet but with a small amount of research, I was able to see their credibility and I knew it was definitely something I wanted to be involved in. Now we know you’re a business woman and all that, but you’re still a beautiful woman, and your pictures are sexy, so do you mind if we put your interview under Honeys?

DeAnna Jo: Not at all, I would actually be flattered. Those honeys are some hot ladies, I’d love to be placed in that same category. When we first met, you were doing a little bit of modeling photos, do you have plans to do more modeling?

DeAnna Jo: I love taking pictures and trying new things. I definitely plan on doing more modeling in the future, im basically just waiting for something on a larger scale. I’d love to do runway or print work. What would you say is your sexiest feature?

DeAnna Jo: I hate these type questions but if I had to choose it would be my stomach, I try to keep it toned if nothing else. What do most guys say is your sexiest feature?

DeAnna Jo: Most guys love my booty and my eyes. Does that make you mad when you hear it?

DeAnna Jo: No not at all, I’ll take any kind of compliment. If you had a chance to model in Playboy would you take it?

DeAnna Jo: I’m not sure, sometimes that type of thing can ruin your image. If I did, it would be very tasteful and it would have to be after I’m completely established in the public eye as a business woman. Do you get a lot of guys trying to ‘mack you’ in the business?

DeAnna Jo: You have no idea!  Guys are really attracted to women doing big things, which is understandable. I haven’t had anyone be disrespectful yet but it goes without fail, all guys are gonna at least try. Do you get upset when men hit on you when you’re trying to talk business with them?

DeAnna Jo: Although it is flattering, being hit on constantly can become quite frustrating when you’re trying to conduct business, you just have to smile, brush it off, and let them know your serious. That always does the trick. We know you’ve seen and been involved in alot of business lately coming up within the Industry, what’s your take on it right now? How does it look?

DeAnna Jo: For me it’s looking good, there are lots of options open right now and a lot more I want to accomplish. I’m just taking it day by day and having fun with it. What about artists, there’s alot of talent, we know! But, alot of artists are still not getting further with their careers. What have you seen or not seen with Memphis rap artists that they are missing, as far as from your experience as a promoter and someone in the Industry?

DeAnna Jo: Some people have the drive to be something big and some don’t. You have to really want it and work hard to get it. Networking and marketing yourself are probably the most important things you can do as an upcoming artist. Sometimes you have to push the ego aside and go after what you want, no one is gonna do it for you. You were nominated as “Industry Power Player of the Year” for this year’s 2009 SEA’s (Southern Entertainment Awards).. Congratulations! What did you think when you found out?

DeAnna Jo: I was really shocked, Ive been attending the SEA’s for a few years now and its really exciting to be a part of the nominations. It makes me feel like I’ve reached a whole new level to the industry and that a lot of my hard work has paid off. You’re up against some pretty tough competition like Ms. Rivercity, Kim Ellis, Julia Beverly, the founder of Ozone Magazine and others. How do you feel about your chances?

DeAnna Jo: I’m up against some great women in the industry and I’m flattered to be nominated with them. I’m confident I’ve made an impact on a lot of artists and industry professionals not just here in the city but all over so I hope that pays off at some point in my career. It’s a great honor either way. You write the piece every month on Memphis in Ozone Magazine, how do you decide what goes into your article?

DeAnna Jo: I only choose things that are news worthy, A lot of the information I gather comes from or through emails I receive from other people in the industry. I like to always include new artists to keep the readers searching and to keep things fresh. Can people contact you with news tips?

DeAnna Jo: Definitely! I try to keep myself informed as much as possible about events and new artists here in the city but help from outsiders is great. Where is Deanna headed? Where would you like to be sitting or standing in 3 years?

DeAnna Jo: I would love to have my own article in a national magazine or working more closely with artists, maybe a record label or concert coordinator. I also would love to do some traveling in the future. Ok, coming to an end, on a business side, for those out there interested in talking wiith you, how should they reach out to you?

DeAnna Jo: deanna.brown @ I check it daily so if you have anything news worthy, send it my way. Any final words?

DeAnna Jo: I just want to say thanks to all my readers and fans. I also want to say thanks to for helping me get my dreams started and for allowing me to have fun and still do what I love. ~


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