David Banner tells DJ Boogaloo of Hot 107.1 about collab with Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG

(Memphis, TN – DJ Boogaloo of Hot 107.1 FM caught up with David Banner (on his recent visit to Memphis to perform at The Martini Room along with La Chat, Criminal Manne & Mac E) and asked him if he could elaborate on the talk about his new song GangstaWalk and how he got Three 6 Mafia and Eightball & MJG on the same song together. David Banner replied “Could you turn down the radio? I want everyone to hear this. When I approached everyone with the idea to do the song, they (Three 6, Eightball, MJG) were glad to do it! There was no trick to it. I did not trick them like fans keep asking me if I did. They we’re glad to hook up.” Banner then goes on to say that he truly feels Memphis hasn’t gotten the props and credits it should have gotten long before now in the music Industry so it was part of the reason why he did the song ‘Gangsta Walk’. He mentions that he also did the song in the name of Memphis because Memphis gave everyone the Gangsta Walk and says it should be as big as the Crip Walk and other popular dances.

While at the Hot 107.1 radio station, where the interview was held, DJ Boogaloo also brought MJG and Juicy J into the interview by phone who, believe it or not, mentioned the fact that they may be doing an album together. Banner goes on to mention that Mississippi and Memphis are like brothers and both cities should do more to work together inside their individual cities as well as together to represent the south.

Banner’s upcoming album is entitled “Certified” and features his newly signed artist Marcus and the new single ‘GangstaWalk’ plus a host of other songs which Banner quotes as “ album that every song on it is hot because I chose only the best ones out of over 40 tracks I had recorded.”

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