Da Volunteers’ New Album ‘Comin Out Harder,’ Tribute To 8Ball & MJG, Drops Tuesday Aug. 26

After stepping onto the scene in 2002 and later teaming with Memphis rap veterans 8 Ball & MJG, duo Da Volunteers, J-Rock and 12 Noon, set to release their latest album ‘Comin Out Harder’ featuring current smash radio single ‘Days of Our Lives’.

Memphis rap duo Da Volunteers (Teers Entertainment/V-Squad Records), which consists of members J-Rock and 12 Noon, are set to release their latest album “Comin Out Harder” featuring the hot singles “Ballin In My J’s,” “P.I.M.P” and their current smash radio single “Days of Our Lives”.

After stepping onto the scene in 2002 and later teaming up with Memphis rap veterans 8 Ball & MJG (8 Ways Ent./M.J.G. Muzik) in 2005, these two hard working Orange Mound bred rappers (J-Rock and 12 Noon), are riding independently with their latest album “Comin Out Harder” which, according to J-Rock, pays tribute to Ball and G who “paved the way” for the duo. As any true rap fan may remember, 8Ball and MJG themselves once before released an album entitled “Comin Out Hard,” which was their debut album back in 1993 and is still to this day noted as one of the top classic rap albums.

“Basically it [album “Comin Out Harder”] is kind of like putting out a tribute to them (8 Ball and MJG) cause the legends paved the way for us,” J-Rock told by phone Saturday evening.

When asked about the relationship between the duo and their somewhat mentors Ball and G, J-Rock told, “Currently it’s [like] a big brother, little brother relationship right now… they steering us in the right direction in the Industry. They’re helping us get through doors that we normally couldn’t get through.”

The album “Comin Out Harder” features 8 Ball, MJG, Crunchy Black (formerly of Three 6 Mafia), Oscar winning rapper/producer Frayser Boy (Hypnotize Minds/Bar Muzik), and the V-Squad. The album “Coming Out Harder” is the duo’s fourth album following their debut album “Da Game,” sophomore album “Gunz and Rozes,” and their last album “What’s Yo Favorite Color?” presented by 8Ball and MJG. As previously stated, the current single off album “Coming Out Harder” spinning on radio now is “Days of Our Lives” with the next single slated for radio “Nothin” dropping in the following weeks.

“‘Nothin,’ that’s my favorite track because it says where we came from,” J-Rock told “Da Volunteers, we done came from nothing… still on the grind, tryna leave them haters behind. It’s a grind song,” he added.

While stating in their own words and in the song “Nothin,” which gives listeners an indepth look of how the duo came from “Nothin,” the rappers have shown that there’s more to the Da Volunteers than just rap lyrics. Not only are J-Rock aka Rock Dillion (a name the rapper says he got from 8Ball and others, referring to one of his raps) and 12 Noon both executive producers of the album “Comin Out Harder,” the two also head up their own company, Teers Entertainment, along with J-Rock’s independent label V-Squad Records.

In addition, J-Rock is working on a solo mixtape album “BaRock Obama” which is expected to be out later following the promotions of the duo’s album “Comin Out Harder”. When asked why he named his mixtape “BaRock Obama,” J-Rock told at a meeting, “Because he [referring to democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama] has inspired so many, it doesn’t matter to me whether he wins or loses [the election], he’s a success because he also came from nothing and look at all of the people he has inspired.”

In related news, Da Volunteers has a scheduled autograph signing at Cat’s Music on Union Ave in Memphis, TN, Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 5PM and also has a CD release party scheduled August 30th, at the Atrium. J-Rock tells that the two will also be making rounds in an upcoming promotional tour. “We’ll be going on a Black College tour after the album releases for two months,” stated J-Rock.

For more information on the Black College Tour and Da Volunteers visit Da Volunteers official MySpace page at To download the current single “Days of Our Lives” also visit the MySpace page or visit Da Volunteers artist profile at for their bio, photos, music and more.

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