Coca-Cola America The Beautiful Super Bowl Ad commercial
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Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad For Multicultural America the Beautiful Sparks Outrage & Praise

Coca-Cola America The Beautiful Super Bowl Ad commercial

During the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII, Coca-Cola aired a commercial ad of different people of different cultural backgrounds lip-syncing the song “America The Beautiful” in different languages titled “It’s Beautiful.”

The Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial showed people of many cultural backgrounds singing to a rendition of “America The Beautiful” in English, Spanish and Arabic language.

The Coca-Cola commercial ad drew outrage and reactions over Twitter and over other social media networks.

The commercial even inspired a boycott hashtag on Twitter for Coca-Cola using the hashtag #BoycottCoke.

The multilingual rendition of America The Beautiful and Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad not only sparked outrage but also sparked patriotic praises for the message Coca-Cola placed in its controversial ad.

While many were angry that the traditional song wasn’t sung in only English, the primary language of the United States, many others praised the commercial for showing the many cultures that reside in the free country of America.

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