Club Trend or Club Drug, Preparation H?

Men are rubbing the hemorrhoid product Preparation H on their abdominal muscles to look more ripped in night clubs just to snag a few ladies.

Preparation H, is it the new trend or a new drug to hit the night club scene? Recently there have been numerous reports that a number of men are rubbing the creme Preparation H on their abdominal muscles to look more ripped in clubs in New York. Yes, you read it right, Preparation H! You may be thinking to yourself, that’s for grandma or Uncle James the truck driver (because truck drivers are known for sitting on their bottoms and riding across bumpy roads for long periods of times) and not young men who are dancing on the night club floor trying to draw a few ladies here and there. Well regardless, there are young men that are doing just that.

According to ABC News, the trend was first noticed by bouncer and blogger Rob Fitzgerald who stated that he realized that young men waiting outside his clubs were greasing up with the hemorrhoid cream to make themselves look “ripped” for the ladies. Preparation H is commonly used by bodybuilders and posers, Fitzgerald mentioned. As we all know, in the Beauty and Fashion Industry women tend to use it for puffy eyes.

What is Preparation H? Preparation H is a hemorrhoid product known to shrink swelling and also relieve the rectal itch and a--l pain caused by hemorrhoids. Now there you have it.

If you didn’t know there can be side effects associated with using the product such as a rash, hives, irritation and rise in blood pressure.

So what’s the next Club trend, Bengay?

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