Clinton Wins Over Obama But Is It Enough; Race Moves On To Indiana

Hillary Clinton won in Pennsylvania, but with low funding, lagging momentum, there is still the question of is it enough. Indiana primary is expected to predict the race further.

With 55 percent of the democratic Pennsylvania voters voting for Hillary Clinton and 45 percent voting for Barack Obama, the New York senator Clinton ended the night with a victory over Obama.

Now Clinton is claiming that Obama had more funding and the public should be asking why he can’t take big states from her even with more funding while Obama, meanwhile, is looking forward to moving on to Indiana as well as he is seemingly showing more focus on McCain rather than Clinton.

“We both did exceptionally well with our base loyal voters,” Obama campaign spokesman Sean Smith has stated. “It just happens that in Pennsylvania, her number of base voters was much higher than ours.”

Other democratic concerns are that Clinton’s negative attacks on Obama may cause harm to the democratic party’s chances of winning the White House while Clinton and other supporters of her claim that Clinton is simply using tactics that any president of the United States of America should and would have to be able to handle upon becoming president.

Whether these arguments matter little or alot, voters still have a decision ahead in Indiana and some are worried that Clinton is running out of funding while, since Clinton’s victory in Pennsylvania, her campaign is making the argument that the Pennsylvania win will cause a large inflow of campaign donations in the realm of up to $10 million.

Meanwhile, others are making the argument that exploiting potential momentum from one victory when your money is low will not impress the super delegates who are elected officials or party bigwigs who know the importance of campaign financing, and may cause little hope or even possibly still harm the Senator’s chances even so with her latest Pennsylvania victory.

The Indiana Democratic primary is next and will take place on May 6, 2008 and this is where many are stating another win by Hillary Clinton could possibly persuade voters and superdelegates that momentum has shifted to the Senator but an Obama win could once again, like on the table in Pennsylvania, convince everyone the time has come for Clinton to step down from the race so the democratic party can begin to focus on McCain.

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