Photo of Chris Rock White Voters video message
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Chris Rock Records A Special Video ‘Message For White Voters’

Photo of Chris Rock White Voters video message

Comedian Chris Rock has recorded a special video message for white voters. In Chris Rock’s message, which comes from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Chris tells voters they need a white president they can trust.

Hold on! Wait? Chris Rock – a vocal supporter of President Obama – is saying vote for a white president?!

Well Chris Rock’s “white president” he’s talking about is actually non-other than, yes — Barack Obama.

In the satirical ad, Chris Rock declares President Barack Obama a white president” from many reasons such as:

  • For the first two-thirds of his life Barack was known as “Barry,” the ‘whitest name on earth’

    Barack was raised by two white people – his maternal grandparents Madelyn and Stanley Dunham in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Barack plays golf, goes body surfing and dances with Ellen DeGeneres

    The Obama’s family pet is a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo and more!

  • Watch Chris Rock’s video message to white voters below.

    Chris Rock - Message for White Voters

    Chris Rock - Message for White Voters

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