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Chris Brown Preps Tell-All Book, Rihanna ‘Freaking Out’?! DETAILS

If Chris Brown has something to say, would he do it in a tell-all book? That’s what a British magazine is claiming — Rihanna is ‘freaking out’ about Chris Brown releasing a tell-all book.

According to NOW magazine, R&B/Pop singer and dancer Chris Brown, who is one of the hottest artists being featured on just about every song you hear on the radio, has ex-girlfriend Rihanna clinching.

Why? The singer allegedly is expected to reveal some intimate details and revealing information about their relationship in this so-called tell-all book.

And to add a little more juice to the alleged book, Chris Brown is reportedly suppose to be opening up about their sext messages which were made on last year and the fight and argument that led to the demise of their relationship and left singer Rihanna all battered and bruised in photos in 2009.

The entire assault incident almost ruined Chris Brown’s career, although Rihanna said in an interview she is glad to see his breakthrough.

The question now is, why would Chris Brown want to put out a tell-all book out when the two seem to have placed the past behind them? Didn’t Rihanna jump on Chris Brown’s latest music tracks and did remixes for songs such as Birthday Cake and Turn Up The Music?

Rumor has it, that the two, Rihanna and Chris Brown, have been back together since last year and Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, doesn’t mind since they have an open relationship.


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  1. @n/a, I agree with your entire comment. I hope this is untrue because it could get ugly. I dont believe it; I mean, why open that can of worms back up? After 2 great remixes w/one another I was pulling for CB and Rihanna to get back together and they didn’t, but I thought they were at least cool. He performed Birthday Cake on his tour in Australia and she just did it on SNL. I’m waiting for a video! CB doesn’t need the money and there are so many other ventures he can dabble into. The industry is a dark place and I pray that both of these talented artists find their way in the light. God loves both of you and so does your fans!

  2. not yet chris waite until you are sure that you and rihanna are not going to be back together. until she married someone else. there is other ways in making money like perfum line or clothing line your fans will but your products Make your toys alittle more glamerous for the kids like changing the eyes. make back packs, your present toy line would make a good cartoons movie for kids. for example, like the tranformers. i truely think rihanna loves you more than tran she is naturely lighted up when she is with you tran looks like she dont’t love you i just can’t see it in her face when she is with you. May the Lord God help you in making the very best right decision for your life. just don’t give up on rihanna.

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