Chinese School Teacher Holds Screaming Child Up In Mid-Air By Ears (Photos)

Ms Yan Yanhong’s in Wenling, Zhejiang Province has been receiving criticism which ultimately caused her to get ‘canned’ as a primary teacher after allegedly sending a shocking photo to a friend. The picture of Ms Yanhong shows the young 20 year-old primary teacher pulling a toddler up by his ears dangling off the floor in mid-air. It is stated that images emerged following the investigation of another teacher after a scandal over CCTV footage.

Goodness, is probably what you are saying.

This is only the beginning of this story of Ms Yanhong’s class. Yes, there is more.

In more than 702 pictures of students, they show some students with their mouths tapes, hands taped, buckets on their heads and laying in awkward positions from their chairs. Some of the punishments allegedly come from the students either talking too much or not knowing their work.

What was Ms Yanhong’s excuse about dangling the young little boy in the air by his ears? “I see him as a good friend, and just made fun with him,” Yanhong reportedly stated.

In addition, empty beer bottles could be seen on one of the book shelves. Was the primary teacher drinking while teaching?

According to reports, one father got concerned when his daughter arrived home with her face swollen. So what did the father do? He went to investigate and asked to see the CCTV footage.

The footage was shocking and showed some students getting hit more than 100 times, kicked and more by another school teacher.

According to the education bureau, Ms Yanhong has been expelled and the school has been punished.

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