Vladimir Putin, Chelsea Handler horse

Chelsea Handler Calls Instagram Banning Topless Photo of Her Nipples ‘Sexist’

Vladimir Putin, Chelsea Handler horse

Famed late night TV talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler is going all out for what she calling ‘women’s right to bare their nipples just like men’ following Instagram removing a topless photo of Handler posted on the social media site.

Handler posted the photo of herself topless on a horse on Instagram alongside her inspiration – another picture of Russian president Vladimir Putin in the same pose shirtless while horseback riding.

The mocking of the picture of Vladimir Putin horseback riding did not go over well with Instagram who removed it from their site.

After Instagram removed the picture, Chelsea Handler slammed Instagram on Twitter saying that the move was a ‘sexist’ act on the part of Instagram.

Handler followed up with another tweet questioning why ‘if a man can post his nipples, a woman can’t’ adding “are we in 1825?”

Handler attempted to post her uncensored picture a couple of more times, which ended with Instagram removing it each attempt.

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