Caribbean mom whipping 12 daughter for posting facebook photos

Caught on Videotape: Caribbean Mom Whipping 12 Yr Old Daughter For Racy Facebook Pics

Caribbean mom whipping 12 daughter for posting facebook photos

A video that many are calling shocking of a Caribbean mother whipping her 12 year-old daughter with a belt for posting semi-nude pictures on Facebook has gone viral.

In the video, the mother can be seen talking to her daughter standing in front of the camera reprimanding her for what she had done while, what some people would call, “beating” her with the leather strap or belt because she would not tolerate what the pre-teen had done.

Helen Bartlett, the Caribbean mom seen in the video whipping her 12 year-old daughter, said she is ready to deal with anything that the government or law wants to do to her.

Bartlett said she would do anything to set her child straight and she has been receiving support and praise for her actions including from her elder daughter and from the 12 year-old daughter herself who was receiving the spanking as well.

The mother claims that her daughter was somewhat of a “problem child” in the absence of her father – a policeman, whom she is separated from. Helen Bartlett says she intended to “shame” her daughter because she believes she “has to have shame” for what she done and doesn’t want to have her daughter come home pregnant.

She said she intervened when she saw a text message from a young man trying to convince her daughter to have sex after she posted her racy Facebook pics.

Bartlett said she made attempts to contact the young boy’s parents but received no response.

Watch the video of the Caribbean mom whipping her daughter which went viral online.

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