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Caught On Video: Florida Man Runs Over Pregnant Girlfriend With His Car

Justin Colby runs over 7-mth pregnant girlfriend Crystal

A Florida man, Justin Lee Colby, 33, was captured on video running over his reported girlfriend and believed half-sister, Crystal Lynn Noordhuizen, 32, who is 7-months pregnant.

As seen in the video, Crystal Noordhuizen is seen walking across the street as a white 2006 Dodge Charger comes into camera view and plows into her as it jumps the curve hitting her first and then slamming into a pole.

In the incident, which occurred in Hoilday, Florida in Pasco County, the car seemed to have been fortunately more harmed than Crystal as she amazingly only suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Justin Colby, who is seen in the video leaving the scene as witnesses started gathering around, has a reported long criminal history which includes an arrest in 2012 for hitting someone else with his car following a fight – his brother Daniel Colby.

Among the arrest for hitting his brother, Justin has had charges of possession and sale of control substances; sex battery of a minor; aggravated assault; domestic violence and more.

According to authorities, Justin had made a call to Crystal asking her was she “ready for her abortion date.”

Justin, who reportedly had argued with Crystal before the incident, turned himself in to authorities and was arrested on charges of two counts of attempted murder.

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