British Bride Dead After Using Miami Cannibal Attack Drug Bath Salts To Lose Weight

Before Rudy Eugene’s vicious face-eating zombie attack on Ronald Poppo shined the light on the synthetic drug bath salts, as covered on, the drug was already being used way before then and by people whom you would have never guessed was taking it. A newly married British bride Sarah Forsyth began reportedly taking the drug in 2009 to lose weight after seeing it online in a forum, but it didn’t stop there.

According to Radar and DailyMail, Forsyth who was an anorexic as a teen began taking the legal drug after she got married to her husband Jim as an alternative to shed the pounds. Sarah Forsyth picked up the version named “Ivory Wave” and dropped 10 dress sizes going from a size 16 to a size 6 in four months and not only did her body image change also her personality.

According to Forsyth’s family, she was once a happy 35 year-old woman but became insomniac, paranoid and aggressive agoraphobic.

Forsyth’s mother, Margaret Moyle, 60, believes her daughter didn’t realize what it was doing to her and, to her knowledge, she had never been a drug user.

Ten months later, the worst happened to Sarah Forsyth, she slipped into a coma and, in August of 2010, her family had no choice but to take her off of life support because she had endured severe swelling and irreparable damage to her brain. Doctors believe it was linked to the drug.

Forsyth’s mother Moyle says at that time doctors didn’t even know what the drug was, but is grateful for the exposure it has gained due to the recent Rudy Eugene incident which made bath salts a worldwide concern.

Sarah Forsyth, who suffered from diabetes and depression, packed on the pounds and unknowingly didn’t know that there were dangers associated with bath salts which made her not concerned even to the point of taking the drugs in front of her parents.

Moyle went on to say that she really doesn’t know if the drug altered her appetite or increased her metabolism, but she was most shocked when she found her daughter was snorting the drug. Forsyth told her mother it was the quickest way to get it in her system.

Sarah Forsyth’s family begged her to stop the drug including her brother who feared the worse would happen.

Margaret Moyle says she decided her daughter was a grown woman and when her family wasn’t around, she would purchase the drug and insured her that it was totally legal.

Since the bath salts have came to the limelight nationwide, three dangerous chemicals (methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MPDV), mephedrone and pyrovalerone) in the drug which causes rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and sweating have been banned by the Drug Enforcement Agency temporarily.

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