Dillon Taylor unarmed shot by Salt Lake City Utah cop

Body Cam Video Shows Utah Cop Shooting Dillon Taylor Was “Justified,” Says Salt Lake DA

Dillon Taylor unarmed shot by Salt Lake City Utah cop

New body cam video footage in the shooting of Dillon Taylor, who was shot by a Utah police officer due to having headphones over his head, appears to have given the Salt Lake City District Attorney reason to rule the shooting as “justified.”

In the new video footage, the cop can be seen pulling up outside the 7-Eleven convenience store where the incident took place.

Allegedly someone had been there waving a gun around which is the reason police were arriving at the location.

On the video, through the officer’s windshield, Taylor’s brother and cousin can be seen standing out on the parking lot coming from the store. The men were ordered to show their hands which both Taylor’s brother and cousin complied while Taylor continued walking away due to the fact of listening to music in the headphones on his head.

Less than 1 minute goes by as the trigger happy police officer is yelling at Taylor, whose back is turned as he is walking on the walkway, while the officer’s weapon is drawn at Taylor from the back.

As Taylor seemingly goes to turn down or turn off his headphones and turns around, the officer is yelling at him to show his hands.

Just a few seconds after the obviously shocked Dillon Taylor turns around to see a gun pointed at him by a screaming officer, the officer fires shots hitting Taylor without much time for the young man to gather his thoughts, let alone respond appropriately or even know what is happening.

Still, Salt Lake County attorney says that Taylor had his hands at his waist with his shirt lifted up and his other hand “in a drawing motion,” so the officer shooting him to death was “justified.”

Meanwhile, Dillon Taylor’s brother and cousin say Taylor was going to turn off his music as well as pulling his pants up in order to get on the ground but was not given the time to do so.

Additional details say that Taylor, who was unarmed, was reportedly intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .18, which may have contributed to his delay and reaction or cause his confusion or bad judgment in reacting to the situation.

Dillon Taylor’s family is still demanding justice for the 20 year-old, who was a first time soon-to-be father.

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