Bob Johnson Urges Obama To Choose Clinton as VP

BET founder, Robert ‘Bob’ Johnson, is building a case to encourage Barack Obama to choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

BET founder and Hillary Clinton supporter, Robert “Bob” Johnson, is building a case for Senator Hillary Clinton to serve as a running mate for Senator Barack Obama. Johnson now, since Obama’s ‘historic’ victory, feels that Obama – if elected president – could do a great job as President of the United States along with Clinton as his Vice President if he “leads this country the way he ran the primary.”

“Let me first of all congratulate Senator Obama on this historic victory… I believe that if Senator Obama leads this country the way he ran the primary it will become a historic event for African Americans probably greater than the Emancipation Proclamation, which was signed in 1863,” Johnson said on CNN this morning with host John Roberts. “Does Senator Hillary Clinton know what I’m doing? Absolutely, I talked with the Senator.. told her what I was doing.. she didn’t direct me to do it, but she certainly knows that I’m doing it. I’ve been in touch with her all the way in my thinking in how we can move this country in a unified way and she’s prepared to be apart of that unity,” added Johnson.

Though Johnson would not directly answer the question if Clinton would accept a slot on the ticket of Obama’s running mate if it were offered to her, Johnson did say that Clinton is prepared to be a part of whatever the party asks her to do to support the party as a running mate or even if it means she is not Obama’s running mate — she will support the party in doing what it takes to get him [Obama] elected.

Johnson seemed very confident that Obama with Clinton as his running mate would be more likely to win and unify the democratic party. “We have the best chance of winning with Senator Obama at the top of the ticket, Senator Clinton as his vice-president — you can’t find in a historic election two more dynamic, inspiring people who could lead this country and lead the democratic party for years to come,” said Johnson.

Johnson also wrote in a letter to the Congressional Black Caucus, “I, as a longtime supporter of Senator Clinton and the Democratic Party, urge you to do everything possible to unify this party to win the Presidential election in November. For me and millions of other Democrats, I believe the most important step that you can take now is to encourage the Congressional Black Caucus to urge Senator Obama to select Senator Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate.”

In related news, while Bob Johnson is aiming to get Hillary Clinton on the Vice President ticket, Obama, reportedly, has selected three to help lead the search for a prospective vice presidential candidate which includes Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (daughter of the late John F. Kennedy), former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holders (who was a deputy U.S. attorney general under President Bill Clinton) and Jim Johnson (former CEO of Fannie Mae).

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