Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson
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Black Male, Albert Wilson, Gets 12 Yrs For ‘Making Out’ With White Teen, 17, He Met at 21+ Bar

Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson

An all-white jury in Kansas just sentenced a black male, Albert N. Wilson, because 3 years ago the now 23 year old, then 20 year old, met a white teen, then 17 years old, in a bar called the Jayhawk Cafe for adults 21 years or older. The two ended up making out with each other after having drinks at the bar and that has landed Wilson in jail for a 12 year sentence.

On April 3, 2019, the Douglas County District Judge Sally Pokorny sentenced Wilson, a college graduate, to just over 12 years in prison for kissing and making out with the then 17 year-old white teen.

DNA test(s) concluded that intercourse hadn’t taken place nor bodily fluids was found on the victim according to a scientist with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who spoke during the trial. The only thing that was found on the alleged victim’s body was his saliva.

The alleged rape occurred in September 2016 where the victim was examined. Reportedly, swab analysis was done validating there was no sexual intercourse.

The alleged rape wasn’t reported to police until a month later in October 2016.

Many are calling the incident and sentencing an example of injustice to African-Americans.

An example of a comparison is a case involving a white male, Brock Turner, then 22, who was sentenced in June 2016 to a merely 6-months for raping an unconscious woman. Turner ended up only serving 3-months of his 6-month sentence.

Currently, a petition is in place to help support Albert Wilson and the injustice that he is facing. The petition which is online at currently has a little over 26,000 of the 35,000 signatures goal.

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    • That man didnt do nothing to deserve this he was a college graduate to smear his name demote his potienal what about the bar being close down for selling alcohol to a minor ignore that fact what id did she use she wasnt 21 clearly or charge the girl for lying no penetration was giving just another reason we the people need to vote so states like Kansas and other states like that to vote these judges and others like this off the bench re-election are coming up dont support them time to start put into position people that are fair and honest that bring justice to everyone not just one race time to put this prejudice to bed for good

  1. Omg that’s dumb I pressed charges for sooo much worse at a much younger age and he only got 15 years this poor kid

  2. Time for the President to free this young man to show himself to be a just and righteous President.. .or am I dreaming? Opinions are welcomed.

  3. The system is what it is.
    We as people of the most wonderful parts on this planet should try to invest more energy in finding out a way to a better understanding .

  4. Wtf was this underage white girl doing in a bar for 21 and up in the 1st place and how can it be called rape if it was only kissing?

    • Why isn’t she arrested for having false identification, this young man was where he was legally allowed to be. She should be held accountable, her intentions were worthless as she knows she shouldn’t have been there. Her parents brought charges to save face, knowing they had a daughter who behaved this way. I think the laws need to be changed. If he had gone up to a high school, then I would charge him, but not with the time he was given. But to be in an adult club, where a deceptive young woman who probably looks 25 has mutual kissing is ridiculous. The judge should be removed from the bench he is obviously a racist as the jury. May God be with him and his mother and the girl’s family God is alive and knows everything.

  5. How can this girl live with herself knowing she sent an innocent person to prison……….all just to save face……you don’t wanna seem like you’re a freak & so you decide that sending an innocent man to prison is better than being labeled as “loose”



  6. The owner of the bar should be going to jail ! Not this young man who was tricked ! and the bar should be shut down !!! Since when is kissing someone a crime ? Who pressed charges against him anyway?

  7. He should not be charged. Young ladies will tell a man she’s older, so how is a young man supposed to know her age especially if she’s at a bar. So bar should be charged for allowing a 17 year old in and she should also be charge for lying.

  8. I think that this is a damn shame. This is happening all around the world. This is the reason why black men should not look twice at them and stay within your own race so sad. They love our black men then the first thing they cry is rape. Black men wake up know your heritage and understand that they did this during slavery. Now this young African American brother is serving time because she lied. The system is build for them so sad breaks my heart. Stay within your own race brothers .

  9. Just another day for Black people in AMERICA. Yet the President can grab women by their VAGINAS can get elected to TWO TERMS IN OFFICE.

  10. All the way from South Africa …. who many view as the forerunners of racism . This is just diabolical ! Free the man dammit!

  11. Sad that we are living in a time of rising racism and bigotry. Since the election of Donald J. Trump we has seen the rise of Anti Semitism activities

  12. We have not had true leadership since the death of Dr King. Sad to say but true. NAACP is a joke with no power so white America continues there dirty deeds when it comes to black Americans. Just google white woman lies on black man and you will see for yourself the injustice that’s done in America. You say make America great again. America will never be great because of the crimes it has committed to humanity and continue to commit.

  13. Truly, how does this constitute rape? People, kiss every day young and old with consent…

    Curious? Did her parents get charged with “Child abuse” – for intentionly dressing up and abandoning their child at the doorstep of an adult bar?”

    Curious? Did any of those that attended the bar with her get charged with: “Sex Trafficing, of an minor!” Knowing she was 17 years of age and a minor. That they aided in falsely representing her age and abilities.

    Curious? Did the girl get charged with possessing “False Identification!” or “Prostitution as a minor!” or “As an, Runaway!” or “Curfew violation!” or “Manipulation of a State Identification – for the use of a Crime!” or ANY combination of events?

    Because, after 30 days and no rape is determined. And, the question of “How she was allowed by her parents and the bar ownership” to be in a bar for 21+ adults. Being, he recieved 12 years. All others, including the parents should recieve “Life” or “the, Death Penalty!” For aiding and abating in a premeditated crime.

    Period. “APPEAL!”

  14. There is no justice for PEOPLE of color these allegations against young black men is unjust if no rape what is he sentenced for,she shouldn’t have been in the club in the first place only thing they found was salavia after 30 days that’s b------t MY SONS LEAVE CAUCASIAN WOMEN ALONE FOR REAL BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL BLACK QUEENS, YOU ARE BEING SET UP FOR PRISON THEY WILL SWEAR FALSELY AGAINST YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE Free, there is nothing more valuable than this. Now if you fall in love with one follow your heart but please don’t Snooze Stay Woke

  15. She should have not been allowed to enter a 21yo+ buisness! Who Filed charges!She had to have an idea that he was 21 or older although she was hiding her age.. And 12 years for kissing her!!! Absolutely ridiculous! fine her parents (if they wanted to pursue this) for the fact that she was outside of the home after hours… I’m assuming… Fine her for being in a place she had no buisness..But you will not give that young man 12 years for kissing her…. If he was not black would whomever be looking into filing charges.. Get a life and a clue slavery days are over!

  16. The statement specifically says 21 and over, then what was she doing in the club in the first place? There is so much injustice against African American men.

  17. I’m in lost of word’s how this could happen in this time of age. The Court system is broken that young man needs to be set free

  18. This is ridiculous and he was not well defended. The lawyer should have objected: one to the all white jury and two- no intercourse. How was this even brought to court? If I was his family, I would see about getting someone to take his case from the Innocence Project, definitely getting another lawyer, not just public defender and see about having this case tried in another town or city where he can get a fair trial. If this is truly the whole story then definitely not right!

  19. Until we take the war to the door step of the people in the justice system, it will continue to be this way. If the judge knew the hood was going to pay her a visit at her home, she would think twice.

  20. Why isn’t the bar being charged for allowing her in there underage …also not understanding what crime he committed and definitely a very harsh sentence

  21. Jim Crow is still alive!! Far kissing a white girl, omg This sentence should be appealed and the judge need to be remove from the bench and barred from law!

  22. Is there a government agency or law to protect this man. Who can correct this injustice. Aren’t there laws against such injustice based on racial bias. Who can fix this. It is unacceptable in every way.

  23. Yet another sad day, I pray for all of our people on a daily basis we’re getting slaughtered out there. I just pray for the Lord to call us home. #BEBLESSED GET RIGHT CHURCH AND #LETSGOHOME

  24. Obviously the bar is known for this only because at the time the young man was also too young to be in that bar. This should be on the bar owner because this would have never taken place if him or his bouncer were doing their jobs.

  25. How the hell can you charge him for kissing a 17 yr old when she wasn’t suppose to be in the bar in the first place! They should be charging the owners of the bar as well! If this aint white privilege I don’t know what is!

  26. We have to show up for jury duty. These people show up with no empathy,not listening to factual evidence, with no intention of doing the right thing all they see is the Race “Black” and your already guilty!!!! I’m not saying it all but it a huge majority of them. This here is a serious INJUSTICE and it keeps happening to our son’s. Yes if he would’ve been white it would’ve never made it to court or the saying we can ruin this young man life over this none sense.PEOPLE SHOW up for JURY DUTY they are Destroying and throwing our children away.. All other parties involved are at fault the Bouncers at the door for letting a minor in, bartender he served her drinks and the owner for not making sure his establishment is ran right. Complete entrapment.. Please sign the petition…

  27. Also he wasn’t sentence for kissing and making out .. he was sentenced for rape.
    I’m not saying he’s guilty, i’m saying you’re lying.

  28. This might be one of the most idiotic articles i’ve ever seen.. “The DNA test determined intercourse had not taken place”.. later in the article is says “the rape wasn’t reported until 30 days later”. Non existing DNA 30 days after an alleged incident is not proof the incident didn’t happen. Lack of evidence doesn’t prove any action did not happen. It just means you could not find evidence that it did happen. IF you don’t find any evidence of a burglary that doesn’t mean a burglary didn’t happen. You’re a moron. You should’t be allowed online.

  29. Free that man…How in the hell could this be legal…this needs to be overturned…. Foolery…waste of tex dollars…

    • Then what else does he need to leave alone? He was 20. He should be able to talk to anybody he feels like. I mean what else does he need to give up that white folks don’t like him to have. School, a nice home, a happy life, family and kids? That is going backwards. Everyone else gets to do wtf they want to do.It isn’t him that needs to change at all. He got caught up in some b------t, some minor bull s--t and has to spend 12 years in jail and all folks have to say is oh well, he needs to leave them alone, basically blaming the victim. But it’s cool, just another brother.

  30. So I’m still trying to figure out what he could have been charged with!! There was no rape as proven. I don’t know if there is a law called “statutory kissing”?? Some he must fall under that “OLD LAW”, “Being Black In America”!! Haven’t they figured that out yet, that it carries a (0 – Life) sentence!!

  31. This is absolutely unacceptable. This young man future now is screwed up. They were kissing. Takes 2 to kiss. How’s that rape? She was rejected from sex, she was mad. This girl regardless of color had this young man locked up. Keep your head up young man. Prayers for you . This girl will get what’s coming to get.

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