Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson
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Black Male, Albert Wilson, Gets 12 Yrs For ‘Making Out’ With White Teen, 17, He Met at 21+ Bar

Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson

An all-white jury in Kansas just sentenced a black male, Albert N. Wilson, because 3 years ago the now 23 year old, then 20 year old, met a white teen, then 17 years old, in a bar called the Jayhawk Cafe for adults 21 years or older. The two ended up making out with each other after having drinks at the bar and that has landed Wilson in jail for a 12 year sentence.

On April 3, 2019, the Douglas County District Judge Sally Pokorny sentenced Wilson, a college graduate, to just over 12 years in prison for kissing and making out with the then 17 year-old white teen.

DNA test(s) concluded that intercourse hadn’t taken place nor bodily fluids was found on the victim according to a scientist with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who spoke during the trial. The only thing that was found on the alleged victim’s body was his saliva.

The alleged rape occurred in September 2016 where the victim was examined. Reportedly, swab analysis was done validating there was no sexual intercourse.

The alleged rape wasn’t reported to police until a month later in October 2016.

Many are calling the incident and sentencing an example of injustice to African-Americans.

An example of a comparison is a case involving a white male, Brock Turner, then 22, who was sentenced in June 2016 to a merely 6-months for raping an unconscious woman. Turner ended up only serving 3-months of his 6-month sentence.

Currently, a petition is in place to help support Albert Wilson and the injustice that he is facing. The petition which is online at currently has a little over 26,000 of the 35,000 signatures goal.

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  1. Rasicm at its Best!! What kind of people send INNOCENT PEOPLE TO JAIL!!
    AND where’s her UNFIT parents allowing a 17 year old out to clubs?? They should be jailed alongside their trifling daughter!
    When God returns all those jury including the Judge will go straight to hell, that’s why it’s called Judgement day, uneducated pricks.

  2. Of course thats American Justice. Its pretty much the same practice since reconstruction jim crow and civil rights era. Black boys just leave white girls alone period. You could just as easily been accused even if you had never laid eyes on her much less anything else. Get a good attorney contact ACLU. Sue for
    falsely being charged. No evidence to confirm rape charges and contact local snd national media outlets and pray.

  3. Whoever lives in this town with these people smh like who in the f--k the little girl should be in jail s--t what the hell her a-s in a 21+ Bar tf where was her parents at like what is going on like first off he should have never even been in that court for 1 because of he kissed her thinking she was older then 20 people need to cut the s--t

  4. This unfair. The 17 year old lied to get in the bar, as,did the boy. Yet this is 2019 not 1938! So not fair! And Racist at the most terrible!

  5. Ok, I’ve read this. Where does it say that it was a white teenage girl. I see a white teen. Not that it really matters. That person was a fraud being in a bar meant for 21+, when they were 17 yrs old. Extremely harsher conviction. No body fluids, consensual!

  6. If it was consentual and no actual intercourse was committed; who reported it and why? If they were both underage and drinking at a 21+ bar why is the bar not in trouble also? Last, wouldn’t there be a reasonable expectation of appropriate leagel age of 21+? I wish I could have been his lawyer. I would have gotten him off and I would have taken the bar to court to be held accountable for having two underage people in the bar creating the inviorment in which this was able to happen. If it wasn’t for the oversight of the bar in making sure of the age of both parties. This would have never happened. But as it is, it did happen. But I question what if it had been someone of legal age of 21+. Wouldnt there still be s reasonable expectation of age because of the type of place they were at? I think so.

  7. She was in a 21 and over Bar , the patents should be charged not the male victim this is a white racial setup 👎🏽

  8. What was she doing in a bar !she wasn’t rape .was the bar charge for letting her in ?this is so wrong he shouldn’t have been charge at all

  9. What pisses me off is a white boy rape a unconscious women and has witnesses and did little time. But this African American man gets 12 years for kissing a girl. That just shows how corrupted our government and Justice system is.

    • What pisses me off is that you can say white boy and not black boy. If you are so afraid of saying black that you have to say African American, then you must think saying black boy is racist. Following that logic, saying white boy is also racist and you should be using the term European American!

  10. That wasn’t rape she took somebody’s ID that she wasn’t supposed to have and went to a older Club to have drinks and get intoxicated and probably was watching black porn and wanted to be with a black man and end up making out with the black man did it have Sex it was probably just kissing now you have to do 12 years of his life that’s not right….

  11. So wrong. So she doesnt get on trouble for sneaking in an adult club?? R u serious? His lifes ruined. Over a kiss?? And the dirty b---h lied. Smh

  12. Welp it’s sucks but this wouldn’t have happened if he was kissing a black girl. What really do y’all expect in 2019 this same s--t been happened for decades.

  13. This will never ever shock me EVER white folks get away with s--t that we cant …ALL THE MF TIME !!!#

  14. This is wrong in so many ways, she was at a bar she wasn’t even supposed to be at? She’s the one who should be in jail.

  15. What did the girl have to say in his defense she the one that shouldn’t have been in the bar. There was no evidence that there was sexual intercourse this was just injustice against this young man because she was white. RACISM is destructive and destroying this country if the man had been 35 and white and she was 17 nothing would have been done. The law would have said he was mentally incapacitated and let him go with a pat on the back.🤬

  16. Tht is messed up they have proif he didnt so why put him in jail wht the hell was tht 17 yr old doing there where was the gurls parents at they should b to blame how the way she was acting this makes me mad poor kid hope they let him out n not sentence him

  17. I think dude is innocent, I’m also FROM the place that this happened. But this headline is extremely misleading and that’s bad journalism no matter how you look at it

  18. She was at fault and should fight to have him released. She was the deceptive one with a fake ID. Idk how she can live with herself and get away with it. He didn’t have a jury of his peers.

  19. There should be public outrage over this! She is in a 21+ bar. They make out. NO intercourse. I guess men should start asking for I.D. now and even that might not help if they have a fake one..which leads the question as to whether the girl had an I.D. to get into the bar in the first place. This racism and nothing more.

  20. There should be some type of entrapment law for something like this. If I as a man goes into an adult only establishment it is assumed that everyone is over 21. If a female or person enters that establishment under the age of 21, the under age female/person and or club owner should be held responsible. NOT the person who is of age. They are the victim in this scenario.

  21. These racist pigs know what they doing. They know that man did nothing wrong for not knowing she was still a minor. He didn’t even rape her and get 12 years. On the other hand the 26 year old white man that was raping a minor only get probation. A slap on the dam wrist because of his skin color. We all see that they wanted to give the man 12 years no matter what he said. This is not right it’s like these pigs trying to spark another civil war because this is just like the old days the way they doing that young man

  22. That is such b------t! why in the hell was a 17 year old in there in the first place? Maybe her parents should be sent to prison for not keeping an eye on their spoiled lil brat! To take his freedom away and ruin his life after the tests said he didnt do it! i hope you all rott in hell for what you did to this young man!

  23. The most craziest thing ever. I went and looked up more and it seems if it wasn’t for his friend calling him after they walked to his house who knows what we’d be reading. Seems like she got mad with him due to this. Thank goodness his friend was looking for him and saw he was not in plain sight. Hopefully this thing is turned around and is something we can learn from. Men don’t walk, kiss, touch or anything with some of these so-called women… you’re opening a can of worms with a lot of them. What looks good might be all infested.

  24. In my opinion She! did rape the boy! She was in a adults bar! Drinking and probably something else! She was on her own acting like an adult person!! What about the parents?? I guess they have no control of their little one “ A 17 years old girl will never act like this lady did, Obviously she has much experience with boys…I guess that’s She was angry to him because didn’t went to bed with her! It sounds to me like a t---p.

  25. He needs a good lawyer! Not a public defender! This is why I’m concerned about my son dating a white girl!

  26. F-----g amerika s fake don,t know how you still can live in that country these laws are b------t ,the bar s responsible and the parents .

  27. Envy, jealousy lust and hate are the 4 devils We all must kill in order to grow in to a honorable person . He apparently didn’t have any clue of just how dangerous allowing these devils to live would affect him. Hopefully he can murder them devils before he come home because if he allow them to live they will surely sting him again.
    Peace Allah _freedom IG

  28. The judge don’t even matter anymore. Y’all let strangers place an innocent man in prison. Her parents n her are racist. Hot in the a-s now this man locked up. They clearly liked each other. Smh. They cause blacks n whites to go head to head with each other. They don’t want us to come together. This sentencing was to much. It’s not that serious.

  29. How did saliva get found if the complaint wasn’t filed until a month later?? There’s something fishy about this whole story. Those names on that petition could be used for something entirely different than what’s mentioned. Be cautious with this people

  30. It’s shocking to me that this type of racial injustice still happens in America.This young man did not even have intercourse with the young lady.At worst, this young man should been a citation.Even with America electing and reelecting it’s first black President, it angers me that African American still face great discrimination in the criminal justice system.

  31. I promise you if I start getting spam because I gave you my email address I will be calling my attorney first thing Monday morning and filing charges against

  32. What about the individuals that let her in with a fake ID? Why aren’t they going after them? This is so ridiculous. Here it is 2019 and it seems like we’re going backwards in time. The justice system is beyond repair. A convicted murderer gets less time than that. Are you kidding me pathetic absolutely pathetic!🤮🤮

  33. That some bs.White people always f-----g with black people.a month later.she should of had her a-s home b---h.yelp im mad cause this is the white girl know its wronge 7yrs of bad luck 2 you white girl an all the juior who know its wronge.

  34. This can’t be real in 2019!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

    Why was she there???? Why wasn’t she punished and charged????

    This is Bullshitta!!!!!!

  35. The the hell! First of all what was this little girl going in a bar that’s intended for people over 21, secondly if there was no proof a month prior why is any new evidence being considered and lastly who gets a sentence this long based off of assumptions. People commit real crimes everyday and walk and this guys facing 12 years based off of what real evidence. The legal system makes no sense. They’re about to ruin a young kids life. Take away all his 20’s because some young dumb teenagers decided to go to a bar and be a h-e

  36. The justice system is broken. The judge who sentenced this guy should be ashamed of itself. Justice should be equal for everyone. Not only for the white & the rich. #sadrealitywelivein

  37. This is complete horse s--t if they both met in a 21 year old club he didn’t do anything wrongs

  38. The Judge that gave that ridiculous sentence should have there head examined first of all the girl was in an adult club drinking under age the club was serving drinks to a miner now thats against the law. Why wasnt the club in trouble for serving drinks to a miner the sentence was very unjust and they ruined the young mans life over a kiss. This kind of stuff needs to stop its so unfair and it needs to be over turned immediately.

  39. This is wrong, they proved he did not rape her. It’s an unfair sentence and extremely long sentence for this young man. If it had been a white man, he probably would gave been put on probation. It’s not fair.

    • if a white guy got 3 months for raping an unconscious woman I find it hard to believe he would be found guilty of anything for merely kissing a girl.

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