Bill O'Reilly on Race Problems
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Bill O’Reilly On Trayvon: Blames Single Black Mothers & Trashy Hip-Hop For Black Crimes

Bill O'Reilly on Race Problems

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, on his show The O’Reilly Factor, recently talked about President Obama regarding race and the Trayvon Martin’s shooting case and blamed the choices of single black mothers for the violent crime rate among black people.

O’Reilly claims that The President has “no clue” how to “solve problems” of crime in the black community.

O’Reilly on his show says the crime in black communites is because of the disintegration of the African American family and mainly the fact that 73% of black babies are born out of wedlock.

Then O’Reilly hints that there should be more public ads telling young black girls to avoid becoming pregnant.

“White people do not force black people to have babies out of wedlock,” says O’Reilly.

O’Reilly says that it’s a “personal decision” that needs to be publicly discouraged in black communities, along with longer jail terms for drug dealers, and more responsible entertainment (mainly hip hop) in media.

Race In America! – President Obama & The Race Problem! – O’Reilly Talking Point

Young Black men Commit Homicide At A Rate 10 times Greater Than White & Hispanic Combined! Race In America!

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  1. lol all I see you doing is blaming whites for everything and making up excuses for the black community..and you wonder why your people are gettin no where

  2. Dear Mr. O'Relliy I have to agree with you that most black men are upset about the sins of some whites In the past, but what you seem to not understand is those sins are not so far in the past. They are as fresh as 10 minutes ago and the latest one is that character assignation of a race of people you just spew out of your mouth. I also agree with you that a conversation will lead to no where, because you and people like you are to naïve to see past your ways in which you were raised by your parents who taught you to hate blacks and act as though you are better than them. Later I will explain why your parents did that.
    I disagree with you when you said that Trayvon was scrutinized by George Zimmerman, he was criminally profiled by Zimmerman and neither you nor I can say that it was or was not racially motivated. Take a look at Zimmerman’s My Space Page and you will see he has some racial issues that he wrote on his page against Mexicans, and I thought he was claiming to be half Mexican. Although his thoughts about blacks were not found on the page, I can imagine what he really feels about blacks when he talks so badly about the race of people who he is suppose to be half of. I checked out your allegation about blacks creating more homicides then whites and Hispanics and according to what I found on the internet you are correct but, let's look a litter closer just like you do when it comes to the unemployment rate, it says 7.5 and you Mr. O'Relliy say that's not true because they are not counting the people who have stop looking for jobs. Well I live in Chicago and I remember a time when a small town right outside of Chicago (Gary Indiana) was labeled the murder capital of these united states. The reason Gary Indiana had that label was because if they killed 10 people with their population their ratings would be much higher than Chicago's for 10 killings because Chicago has a larger population, and that is the same way I see blacks having the highest rates in homicides over whites, there are more whites in America than blacks. I also disagree with you when you say that the civil rights industry looks the other way or make excuses. There are all sorts of prayers and meetings in Chicago neighborhoods to stop the violence. They can do no more with our corrupt young men than you whites can do with yours. Whites commit more mass murders than anybody and then they eat their prey( Jefery Darmah), Son of Sam, John Wayne Gacey, Chin saw kller, Sandy Hook, Colorado theater, Virginia Tech and on and on, and it seem like every year whites will have another mass murder added to their status. I also agree with you about to many babies being born out of wedlock but I happen to see it every day onTV's Teen Mons and I think I have only saw 1 black girl on that show, and I hear that they get paid approximately 2 to 3 hundred thousands of dollars a episode that's why so many white girls are coming up pregnant to be on this show that has been airing for years. I would also remind you that 17 white girls at Gluester High, in Massachusetts ages 16 and under decided to get pregnant all at the same time and one by a homeless man. Where did you white folk put the signs and adds up for them to read, and by the way blacks did not force them to that either, that was a personal choice too. Now listen up the real sad thing is when white girls age 16 and under choose to have babies in groups and with homeless men and they realize that they have mess up their lives, they turn to devil worshiping spiking out their hair and dying it purple and green, putting rings in their noses and wearing black lipstick and drinking blood and you filthy rich white people overlook it as if it’s just a faze. I also agree with you on the drugs, the thugs of any color who sell drugs should go to jail but, the majority of the people in jail for drugs are blacks, yet the blacks don’t own any planes or ships to get this junk in the country. The filthy rich white man who do own the ship and planes never goes to jail, and he is truly the scum of the earth. You did see the God Father. Now tell me when was the last time you said that about the man with the ships and planes! I also agree with you about discouraging pregnancy out of wedlock for both blacks and the whites who are make movie careers out of it. I also agree with a zero tolerance for gun and drug crimes, but you do know that blacks don’t own gun stores or planes and ships that bring drugs into the country. Therefore if we stop the filthy rich white guy from bringing this crap over here, I’m sure that would nip that problem in the bud. The one thing both you and I totally agree on is to challenge the entertainment industry, to stop peddling garbage. I admit that blacks need to clean up our act, but not the way you think we do. I think we need to stop mimicking white people, by giving our children everything they want without earning it.
    However your pin head needs to listen up, until you clean up your own house and stop your little mass murders, child murders (George Zimmerman), devil worshipers, blood drinking, 16 years and under group unwed mothers, punk rock disrespectful children don’t you dare! talk about ours.
    as long as you and people like you spew such negative, hateful, racist, character assassination out of your mouth, throwing temper tantrums when things don’t go your way to the point that your tough gets twisted in your mouth as it did in this video, and cussing and screaming like I saw you do in another video, you will always be the reason racism will be alive in America. You always want to use big words, well get a dictionary and look up the meaning of racist, because your definition of it is all wrong. When I looked it up all is saw was you!

    Ps. I told you I would give you my belief on why your parents raised you to hate blacks, I believe it’s because your great grand father who probably owned slaves raped the women and found out that a brown gene is stronger than a white gene and he put enemy between his white children and the blacks to try to keep them from mating, because he knew that if your son pregnant my daughter no matter how light the skin or eyes of that child it has a brown gene and will produce brown children. He was afraid that the blacks with the stronger gene would wipe his kind off the face of the earth. Therefore he enforced in you that you were better than blacks and that teaching is still going on and your little video was a prime example. You talked about all the negative thing about blacks as though your children have none. You should check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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