Beyonce album tops iTunes

Beyonce’s New Album Download Of 14 New Songs, 17 Music Videos Breaks First Week Sales Records

Beyonce album tops iTunes

Beyonce’s new self-titled visual album, which came by surprise to many music fans, has brought in huge sales in its first week.

Beyonce shattered iTunes all-time record selling over 800,000 album music downloads in its first closing week.

The new Beyonce album features 14 new songs and 17 new music videos packed into a digital download being sold at a cost of $15.99.

Though believed to first be a self-released independent project, the album is instead a major release on Columbia Records’ recording label, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

The album has sold a total of 828,773 so far confirmed and this was just only over the weekend as the album just released this past Friday.

This makes the album Beyonce’s best selling album on iTunes this year and the fastest selling album on iTunes.

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