Beale Street To Ban Guns!

Photo of Beale Street Memphis, TN

Anyone entering the Beale Street entertainment district will now be searched for a concealed weapon even after a Tennessee  bill (guns-in-restaurants bill) was overturned that prohibits guns in restaurants, bars and clubs which serve alcohol.

How do you feel even though the law allows you to take guns in for your safety, do you feel restaurants should have the rights to choose to not allow you if they want to?

Currently business owners are taking it into their own hands to safeguard their patrons. Meanwhile, according to reports, on July 14th, gun owners in Tennessee will be able to bring their weapons into restaurant and bars.

Signs reading “No Guns Allowed” will be posted, beginning in July, said Performa CEO John Elkington. “We’re going to try to prevent people from bringing concealed weapons onto the street,” he said. Everyone entering the entertainment district will now be searched for weapons. – Memphis Flyer

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