Beale Street Stampede In Memphis Leads To Hundreds Running In Fear, Arrests & Injuries

Beale Street Memphis Tennessee

A ‘stampede’ of hundreds of people running down Beale Street literally shut down the historic street in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee last night around 1AM. Police are investigating what led to hundreds of people running through Beale Street in fear overnight ending in multiple arrests and multiple injuries.

Police say the Beale Street stampede of hundreds of people started down Beale St. then eventually led toward B.B. King Boulevard.

Authorities revealed that the stampede may have started after bouncers at Club 152 were removing some patrons from the club which led to people standing in line to start running sparking others, in fear, to begin running also.

Before it ended, hundreds of people were likely running in fear not knowing exactly why they were running but were simply trying to exit the street to get out of any harm’s way.

Following the stampede, a woman complained of shoulder pains, another woman a knee injury, while another man with a pacemaker was found having chest pains.

Following the ruckus, at least two people reportedly, named Lawrence Anderson, 34, and Alexis Davis, 25, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Just last November two previous incidents including one, also reportedly outside Club 152, left a 26-year-old man shot and in critical condition and a second incident on Beale occurred when a man with a gun suddenly opened fire on the historic street, though no one was injured.

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