Barcode Boyz, Who Are They

I was visiting my cousin in Atlanta, GA the other week, and we did the usual as we always do when we hook-up in A-town; the same as we do when she comes to Memphis. This time we ran across something different, a new movement of sorts that I was totally in the dark about before this last trip to GA. Upon entering Club Pinups we walked into a room filled with hypnotized people all bouncing and bobbin their heads with almost extreme emotion. At first I thought I was seeing things but then I heard what the DJ was Playing and I began to feel overwhelmed with some type of unexplained energy. When me and my cousin asked about the music that was being played… the dj said it was the Barcode Boyz. I thought to myself at first that he was joking, then another song of theirs came on and it too had the same effect over everyone in the club. As we left it boggled me how a group that was totally unheard of could have that type of effect in such a large market, but here is the kicker……. The next day when I went to puchase the CD, it was no where to be found. It was like a big secret. People would pass bumpin the Barcode Boyz so I just knew that I would be able to find it somewhere. When I did stop this guy who had it playing in his system, he had no response like I was the police or something. This is the reaction that I got from everyone I asked who was bumpin it in their ride.

What is it??!! What is the Barcode Boyz? What is it about their music? What is it that their music represents. This is a question I need to be answered. Maybe I will hear more from them in the future…. I know I will hear more from them when I go back to ATL.
Shela Taylor

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