Barack Obama Taking The Lead Over Hillary Clinton?

Numbers show Barack Obama taking the lead over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential race.

Numbers show Barack Obama taking the lead over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential race. Over the weekend Obama leaped past Clinton in Maine, Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington for pledged delegates.

Currently 168 delegates are at stake in Tuesday’s voting, whereas Obama has 943 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 895, according to MSNBC.

According to ABC’s delegate numbers, Clinton is in the lead by 22 coming into Tuesday’s voting, however, 175 additional delegates are at stake for both parties which include seven from the “Democrats abroad” primary. The news site reports that it is believed Clinton could go cold on Wednesday and wake up on the wrong side staring right at Obama from the other side.

AP gives the lead to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton 1,136 to 1,108 for Obama. However, Real Clear Politics gives Obama a five-delegate lead over Clinton.

In the meantime, during the next few contests, Obama is expected to do well until he steps into territory that is believed to be leaning more towards Clinton such as in Ohio and Latinos in Texas. Because of this, Obama campaign announced that they will be running ad campaigns within Texas.

On Sunday, Clinton replaced her campaign manager after having concerns over the direction of her campaigns. This happened four days after an announcement was made by Clinton that she gave her campaign $5 million out of her own pocket to compensate for a spike in fundraising success by Obama sometime in January.

CNN reports that at a Monday rally in Maryland, Obama stated the key to winning is not just securing the votes of his party members but of “independents and Republicans who have also lost trust in their government.”

“That’s what we want. Everybody getting on the change bandwagon, the change express,” Obama said.

The same day, Clinton is stated to have downplayed Obama’s wins Saturday and Sunday in Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska, Maine and the U.S. Virgin Islands, saying the results there were foregone conclusions.

“These are caucus states by and large, or in the case of Louisiana, you know, a very strong and very proud African-American electorate, which I totally respect and understand,” Hillary Clinton said.

For the total delegates, Clinton tops Obama 1,148 to 1,121, according to CNN estimates. The breakdown show Obama leading with 986 to 924 in pledged delegates, and Clinton winning among superdelegates 224 to 135.

Superdelegates are a group of almost 800 Democratic Party officials and leaders. Superdelegates are not required to make their votes public and are free to change their minds.

There are 70 superdelegates at stake in Tuesday’s primaries, in addition to the 168 pledged delegates — 83 in Virginia, 70 in Maryland and 15 in the District of Columbia.

Inorder to secure the presidential nomination a Democratic candidate needs 2,025 delegates.

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