Barack Obama Faces Charges in Memphis and Faced Possible Warrant

On a date that has been written down in history for the nation and for Barack Obama it has also been written down in the Shelby County Court House in Memphis, TN, but not for the winning election. The President-elect and future 44th President of The United States would likely have been ‘bench warranted’ for not appearing in court for an illegal placement of campaign advertisements by City of Memphis Public Works employee, Gene Soucy, who cited Barack Obama personally and not the local campaign office for the placement of campaign signs. According to Soucy, 512 campaigns signs were illegally placed on right-of-way land in the city which is an area that the City of Memphis prohibits. The bench warrant was actually intended to be placed for Barack Obama on the date of election, November 4th, the same day he was voted into office as President of the United States of America by millions of voters.

After the original court date of November 4th was missed, a bench warrant in General Sessions Div 14 was about to ordered by a judge who was sitting in for Judge Potter who was absent from his bench that day.

However, the date was reset after attorney Javier Bailey a Democratic State party member was notified.

Currently, under the booking number 08725976, the name Barack Obama is listed under a Class C action for Illegal Posting/Advertising Signs with now a court date of December 8, 2008 at 1:30 PM.

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  1. Ralph Brandt, who so beautifully made his racism and bigotry apparent in his comment on this article, deserves some recognition for his craziness.

    If you search for his name and Liar you will find out just how nuts this man is. He claims Obama is a muslim sent by the devil, along with plenty of other lunacy. Let the man know how you feel.

  2. Well the law is the law. Shame that they can’t nail the actual people who don’t know their city laws.
    LOL at the lady that seems to imply that Obama is a Christian. I guess we are now defining Christianity the way we want to. I’m so tired of uninformed, uneducated people, black or white!! Never before have I had a problem with bitterness against some of my African American friends…they can’t carry on a conversation about any of the policies, experience, moral stance, or anything about Obama but are so emotionally driven because he’s black and it’s implied that I’m racist if I try to challenge what they think. I know that whatever happens God has allowed, and I will show my support for my pres whoever he may be…but HONESTLY, can you call yourself a Christian and vote before your Lord for someone who is pro-gay, pro-every kind of abortion there is, pushes tolerance (which is not biblical) and has never shared with us his conversion experience?? There was none. He is very sympathetic to Muslims…which by the way if you’ve done your research Muslims HATE Christians. They hate Israel, they hate America, and it will always be that way. Have you noticed the reason why???? Christian principles. Being very honest with you, as a born-again Christian I never had the peace to vote for Obama, even though I had problems with a potential McCain administration. This year was tough! And to those of you reading that have already made the assumption that I’ve written him off because he’s black, you are the proof of my concerns. I wished a thousand times over I could have voted for a black man…if he was any other than Obama. I could not in good conscious.

  3. Its sad that every famous or semi-famous person that comes to Memphis has law trouble. I guess the saying come to Memphis on Vacation leave on Probation is true and very sad! I can’t vote so everyone should be thankful and proud they they were able to vote! I listened to the debates and both parties sounded alright. Mccain just reminds me too much of Bit&h I mean Bush!! If you voted for color kill yoself!! We need CHANGE cuz at the end of the day we all are Americans.

  4. Hahaha…thats some mess right there. But I’m not surprised, this is a McCain state after all, unfortunately. However, it is funny how all of a sudden Obama isn’t black anymore, he’s now mixed. Alot of those same people who say he isn’t black were calling him black during the campaign including evey other racist term against black people you can think of. Now since he won the election, he’s not black anymore, he’s “mixed”. People are so hypocritical. It’s really pathetic.

  5. what this country needs is a good christian man to lead this country to the best of his ability. He should be given the chance without trumped up charges from a bunch of racist, towek heads.arayan nations. and klu klux clan hate mongers. pray for him instead.

  6. Its funny how now that he is president elect. people want to bring up the fact he’s half white. People only want to claim stuff when its convenient. They used the one drop rule to hold up back from everything else in the past now that we have broke the mold with one intelligent enought to be president “he’s not black” please get over it b/c had he been doing something wrong “he’s black” will be the d*** thing they say.

  7. It is so sad that all of this nit-picking will go on and on and on.Because of the vote for a African American has finally made it. There is more to life then hateing so much.

  8. funny how barack obama becomes half white after he won the office of the president. when he was running for the senate he was black, when he announced his presidential campaign he was black. now that he’s in their he’s half white. come on please. let’s get real. black is black whether red,yellow or brown. and how could he “conviently forget he’s half-white with the white grandparents that he loves to death by his side. especially his grandma (RIP). and his asian(oops half-asian)sister campaigning WITH him. as a mixed person, in america if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are considered black. their is no biracial category on the census. and as for memphis why be surprised, after all they have history of bringing down great black men. that judge needs to be removed. he knows obama didn’t place those signs himself. and i bet there were mccain signs in the same location.the world is watching how america handles a person of color in the presidency. this could change the international community’s view of america. people of color make up more of the world’s population than caucasians. it’s time to let the old hatreds go if we want to survive in this new global community.

  9. WOW. Exhausting!!!! Obviously this was a DRUNKEN MORONIC plan derived from pure insanity and desperation…by some extremely ignorant men. The City Works guy, Soucy, The Judge who has shown his true colors. The coward Judge who took the day off purposely to allow on a passive aggressive note…this action to take place. It’s disturbing. But reading the history of the post Jim Crow era…it makes perfect sense in the minds of HILLBILLIES…and trust me Hillbillies STILL HOLD OFFICES. That’s where the scripture “Wickedness in high places” was derived MILLIONS of years ago.

    By the way…lets not assume anything lets see what happens with the NEW ELECT PRES. MICHELLE OBAMA!

  10. Wow! between the ignorant use of ebonics and the racist tinged rants – this is almost like reading the \”comics\”-OMG!!! By the way, of the last 4 Presidents ONLY – REPEAT – ONLY Bush41 (the father) had any REAL military experience…unless of course you count semi-service in the Texas Air National Guard (what a joke)…Clinton: none he was in England prepping to be a Rhodes Scholar. REAGAN: was an actor doing Military PR work (check it out)-no COMBAT experience. Get over yourselves, to be president of this country you HAVE to meet certain qualifications (3 to be exact)…be over 35…NATURAL born citizen AND in the country for at LEAST 14 years…it\’s in that document called the Constitution ART II Sect I…READ IT…and lastly PLEADING blood over someone does not help the situation…simply pray for him – no matter what religion you are – it\’s the AMERICAN thing to do…IF you’re black and you’re expecting a hand out from “the brother” – he’s already told you what to do…stand-up…pull your pants up and be responsible for yourself…if you’re white – stop worrying – we’re here to fix the country not tear it down…aren’t we tired of being mocked by the rest of the world as being a bunch of ignorant buffoons and bubba-bellied rednecks – geesus folks!!!

  11. Where were white people to claim Prince, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravis and Alicia Keys? They all call themselves black, and no one has come up to say they weren’t. You know why? Because white people made it a rule that a drop of black blood tainted the white race and any one born of black blood was considered black. History shows slave masters who treated their own children (products of their sexual explaoitation of their slave women) like slaves because they could not treat them like white kids. Their own children! So, how now that we have a mulatto (as you guys named bi-racial people) in the White House, all of a sudden this rule does not apply. You are some hypocritical people who need to get a grip because you sound ridiculous. I have never seen a box to check if you are bi-racial on any application I have fiiled out, even for the census. Your black if you have black in you. As far as people saying he is not American, you sound petty as hell. As far as the guy that called us retards for voting for Obama, how much of a retard are you, who obviously voted for Bush?

  12. Watch out for Ralph B. OBAMA! He’s a bitter person who doesn’t know his history nor does he understand what he see’s and read’s! Everybody knows Obama’s White side of his family, Y don’t U Ralph?

  13. Listen Lafay. i am a proud african ameriacen teenager. who believe in President-elect obama. I do understand the struggles HE has in front of him. so u just lay back and chill out. second of all memphis i love yall to death, but for real yall can do some pretty dum stuff. Crime, murders, kidnapping, rtobberies, and a whole lot more of stuff.

  14. I’m not a big fan of Obama. I voted for McCain, but for goodness sake these charges are ridiculous. I mean, if someone posted my name all over somewhere where they shouldn’t have, it shouldn’t be me who has to go to court. Just ridiculous.

    by the way, contrary to what has happened with Bush, I’m not going to trash Obama. He will be the president. I am a citizen of the USA, and must respect his position even though I disagree with his viewpoints. I will voice my disagreement with his viewpoints as I have the right to do, but I must still respect his position.

    The race card is getting old. Anyone who voted for Obama because he’s half-African-American or anyone who voted for McCain because he’s not half-African-American doesn’t deserve to vote.

    Vote on the issues, not the skin color… I really thought we were past that kind of crap.

  15. Reading these responses really makes me lose faith in this country. Why is this such a race war. Why cant we all just get along. Obviously these charges are crazy and insignificant in the long run. President Obama should just laugh them off. This country has such a long way to come. We all need to learn to accept each other and embrace our differences. We can all learn from each other if we learn from past mistakes and stop holding grudges from the past. This country breathed a new breath when Barack was elected and I proudly voted for him. I think he is just what our country needs and cant wait to see him in action. Not that it should matter but iam a 28 year old white female from southeastern virginia. Please cant we all just get along!!!!

  16. I’m a mutt as the way Barack put it. In America, if your father is Black, you are Black whether you like it or not. I have questioned this in all the days of my life, what if it is the other way around… same thing… hmm I wonder why. And of course it is up to Obama to choose what he would like to be called and not America. If that what he wishes to be called let it be. He’s a man and a smart one, let’s just leave it at that. I don’t think anyone commenting can say they are 100% pure anything. As for the stupid person saying they did their job trying to bring Barack in and saw that he was running for President, I think he’ll be rethinking his choices later. So long Soucy!!! He’s too embarrassed right now to show his face to America.

  17. again some of the pepole need to get their facts
    straight and not judge someone because of their name and also not charge guilt by association…because the lack of knowledge leads to ignorance…example if i were to assume anyone with hitler in their name is a racist. It’s amazing how closed minded people can be when they don’t know…they are looking for excuses not to except the obvious, that is change is going to come whether you like it or not and this country needs it badly then any other because of its DEEPLY ROOTED RACISM from both sides of the color barriers…I am a PROUD BLACK AMERICAN!!!

  18. jblowfromtheville – your intelligence sounds just like your name – ignoramus!!! THE world rejoiced on November 4th – where were you – crawled down some bottle perhaps! You are the stupid one! He’s the 44th President for God’s sake. If we’re stupid – what do you call the sources in Washington who are “moving aside” now to make room for our new president!!! If your argument had any truth to it, he would not be moving…

    Ralph Brandt – your comment “He isn’t black, he is half white, something he conveniently tries to ignore.” is really sad. Apparently you’ve been living in Iceland or somewhere. So, since you don’t know – let me educate you. If a person has ONE DROP of Black blood in their veins, they are considered, AFRICAN AMERICAN, BLACK, NEGRO, ETC. It’s been like that forever… I’m wondering why this half/half is so important now.

  19. “Gene Soucy, who cited Barack Obama personally and not the local campaign office for the placement of campaign signs. According to Soucy, 512 campaigns signs were illegally placed”

    don’t you remember that weekend he took off from campaigning to walk around memphis planting signs?


  20. First, everyone was happy that a black man ran for president. Why? No one was that excited when the Reverend Jesse Jackson ran for president. Second, the south is not the only racist place, it’s all over the country. Third, Obama has never served in the U.S. Military, so why would we want him in charge of them? Fourth, Obama went to a church for 20 years where the preacher turned against the white man in just one night? How can Obama say that he didn’t know his pastor was like that? Obama, you knew him for 20 years, and you ain’t foolin’ nobody. Fifth, why on earth would we “elect” somebody into the White House with a middle name of Hussein? Didn’t we cause one Hussein to be hung? Yeah! His name was Saddam Hussein. And then you have “Obama”. Sounds alot like “Osama”. Maybe we should look more into the life of our “elect” before we stick up for him.

  21. I agree with you Dan. I am an African-American woman. However, I don’t feel that one of these comments was written by African-Americans (larue). Sometimes people of other nationalities will type ignorant comments to appear to be from African-Americans when it’s not. This incident is just plain stupid. These Republicans are a trip. This is so trivial. These people are acting as if they are children! At some point you need to grow up! Damn!

  22. You stupid people. They are not even sure if he is an American citizen!!! He’s trying to get into government to ruin the lives of all you stupid idiots who voted for him. Wait 2 years and you all will be crying again just like you do everytime something does not go your way. He WILL make it worse for blacks and the thing is you all are too stupid to know who the hell you even voted for, only voting for him because he’s half black is dumb as hell. His father is a radical islamic muslim, he’s not an American citizen, he WILL raise taxes more than anyone in history, and you idiots will whine and complain then too. Good luck retards

  23. Ok first of all whats with writing in ebonics? I think now that we have a president of african descent we need to take Jessie’s advice and lose that. Dont degrade yourself by appearing to be uneducated. Be proud of not only who you are, but be roud of who you can be as well.
    Now that that is out of the way, I myself am a white 40s male from and living in the state of Tennesee, and let me tell you how much we all appreciate being considered to be closed minded rednecks……. I am what we call in the south a Yellow Dog Democrat… If they are Democrat Im with them. I voted for Obama I respect and admire him and he will be a fantastic new leader for this country.
    The morons over in memphis that brought these obviously contrived charges are simply the last remenants of a very desparate last few weeks of republican campaign tactics. This is just the kind of dirty pool to be expected from the rich money mongering scumbags in the republican party,
    They have once again proven that there is no limit to thier ability to be lowlifes.

  24. Ralph Brandt u dummie. he is halve black halve white n n every other racial backgound he es.. yall negroes nee d2 get alive im a teenager n i knw bout obama den u do. n one memphis is a stupid city to rely on information fo any ways. het ya head out ya a-s n look in to the future. OBAMA OUR 44TH PRESIDENT_ PRESIDENT_ELECT OBAMA WILL BE HERE FOR THE NEX 4 to 8 YEARS SO GET OVER It. KKK DONT YALL GOT SUM BETTA 2 TO DO> YALL CAUSED ENOUGH TROUBLE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. yo, see thats whi i aint in the m town no mo cause a crazy dum nathan bedford forest stuff like that, and by the way yea i sniched to barrak, its on now bicthes…..

  26. These Southern Hillbilly bass ackwards Racist numskulls can get over it. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States! The American People have spoken. I plead the BLOOD OF JESUS over Barack Obama, his Family, His Cabinet, Administration and his supporters. Every trick, scheme, plot will be cast down and reversed in the might matchless name of Jesus. God Bless America!


  28. He is not the first black president for several reasons. First, he is not president yet no matter how much he is trying to take the office before the electorial college votes. He isn’t even president elect till then. If he is found guilty of a felony in the interim the college could vote someone else in…. Second, he is not the first black president for two reasons. He isn’t black, he is half white, something he conveniently tries to ignore. Second, we all know that Bill Clinton was our first black president.

  29. praise da lord to commenter cw n gem . diz flks already kwn obama aint frena come down here fa sum stupid petty mess. wen he got to finish completeing his administartin team. fa cryen out loud wat yall memphis folk need to be commenting on IS HILLARY CLINTON WANNA BE SECRETARY OF STATE!!!!!!! N PLUS MEMPHIS YALL ALREADY STUPID TRY DOIN SUM SMART FA A CHANGE, DROP DA GOT D**** CRIME REPORT, STOP KILLIN PEOPLE FA STUPID STUFF FA REAL!!!!!!! DO SUM POSITIVE WIT YA LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Are they kidding me…first memphis is known for the murder of Dr.King and now they want to be known for trying bring petty charges on the first black president……under cover racism in the works…..let it go southerns and grasp change.

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