Authorities Storm Bunker In Alabama Standoff, Rescue Young Boy Held Hostage

A man in Alabama, who held hostage a five year-old from Midland City Elementary School in an underground bunker after snatching him off a school bus and shooting the driver dead, was killed by a SWAT team after a week of negotiating.

Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, had an alleged reason for kidnapping the 5 year-old boy off his school bus – it was in order to make himself famous. Initially, Dykes was expecting to kidnap two children on the bus, but he only managed to get one on January 29 as the children rushed to the back of the bus while the bus driver Charles Poland, Jr. attempted to bravely go up against him.

According to reports, the first thing Dykes asked for was a reporter and a camera to broadcast himself live to go up against the government and taxes while holding the child hostage in his bunker. However, during the rescue operation, the FBI decided for another alternative in-order to keep him satisfied while they plotted out how they would rescue the small boy named Ethan, who has Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD.

While the FBI kept Jimmy Lee Dykes talking, they were able to get a camera and a listening device into his bunker, which showed to them that Dykes had two explosive devices.

Finally after days of talking with Dykes, who suddenly stopped taking naps and began talking incoherent, the FBI Hostage Rescue Team created a mock to see how they would rescue the boy.

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team decided they would use the hatch, where they were leaving supplies for D--e that were obviously too big to go down a CV pipe, to overtake him.

When the day came to bring Dykes some supplies, the FBI agents state that they had video feed in queue and their earpieces in place to know when he would walk up the ladder to open the hatch. When Dykes opened the hatch this time they threw in some stun grenades and rushed in on him before the hatch was closed.

Dykes is believed to have fired one shot before he was killed and the young boy was rescued.

Meanwhile, Dykes is stated to have had an edge to him and previously resided in Florida where he’d been arrested for allegedly brandishing a gun. In addition, Dykes is believed to may have had a temper and resorted to beating a neighbor’s dog after it had wandered onto his land. Dykes also went as far as to make his own speed bump to slow down drivers on the road whom he felt were driving too fast.

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