Attempted Criminals In Memphis Posing In Van

Potential crooks are driving around neighborhoods in a suspicious white van with a partial Sears department store logo and on the side and are believed to be looking for potential homes or people to rob. Residents are being warned to beware and keep a look out.

Some Mid-Southerners are reporting a suspicious white van driving around in East Memphis neighborhoods with a partial Sears department store logo and on the side. One Memphis resident reported that the van even backed into her driveway before she came out and scared them off.

Wanda Tabor of the Colonial Acres Neighborhood Association to Eyewitness News she believes the van is really a cover for crooks, and says the van showed up at a home on Brookfield Road earlier this week.

“The girl… was actually just getting out of the shower. They pulled up in her driveway and rang the doorbell. She went to look and see who it was… she saw Sears, knew she didn’t order anything and thought ‘oh, they are at the wrong house’, and went on about her business. A little while later, her dogs were in the backyard yelping and barking and at that point, then she looked and [the van] had backed into her back drive. The two guy where coming out of the side of the van and then she realized that something is not right here. As soon as she walked out, the guys booked it… got back in the van and disappeared,” stated Tabor.

Sears spokesperson Kim Freely stated, that all Sears service vans are branded and no van will only have on the side and all Sears technicians wear branded uniforms and wear badges with their picture, name and ID number on it.

Memphis residents are being warned to beware if you know you haven’t ordered anything from Sears and keep a lookout in your neighborhood and pay very close attention to the detail of the van and any suspicious activity. If you happen to see this van in your area call 901-545-COPS (2677) and try to get the make, model, and tag number of the van or descriptions of the passengers of the van.

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