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Atlanta Woman Tasered By Security Guard Falls Stiff At Mall In Front Of Her Kids (VIDEO)

A woman in Atlanta was tasered in front of her toddlers after arguing with a security guard and fighting with him after a number of warnings that she wouldn’t be able to re-enter the Metro Mall on Peachtree St in Downtown Atlanta. The woman was one of two women who were put out of the shopping mall for allegedly having unruly kids.

The entire incident, which happened in broad daylight, right outside of the shopping entrance was captured on camera filmed by the security guard and onsite manager Darrien Long, who claims he uses his camera and taser to deter crime that has interfered with shoppers and business owners in the vicinity. As seen in the video, the woman can be seen arguing with the guard laced with profanity while her young kids were imitating her by insulting the security guard as she was doing.

The security guard made multiple warnings for the woman to not re-enter the building and to go. It didn’t stop there. After back-to-back verbal confrontations, the woman’s small children stepped back into the entrance doorway prompting the guard to tell the woman to get her kids. This led to the mother walking into the entrance and this is when things got physical.

The mother can be seen walking up to the security guard seemingly pushing and hitting him and, as he pushed back, the woman appears to start swinging at him. After she began swinging at the guard, the mother was tasered and fell stiff like timber wood to the ground.

Moments after the mother fell to the ground in front of her kids, who were now frantic and crying due to her fighting the guard and being tasered, the apparent father appeared on camera angry at the guard. The man came from within the mall warning that he would retaliate against the guard for tasering the mother in front of their kids.

Since the incident, the mother was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and simple battery.

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