Athletes Turned Music Artists

The relationships between athletes and music artists have always been a close one. The two are seen at major events together and have befriended each other in recent years. They both live similar lives, continuing to remain in the media, so for them to jump ship and join a different field is not thought as ridiculous.

Many people have more than one dream in life, but only a few have the chance or better yet the focus to take that dream and turn it into reality. For a select few, they have done just that. In the mid 1990’s Shaquille O’Neal of the Miami Heat released a number of hip-hop albums. Being a famous NBA player, he received different reactions from his fans as well as the media. Some accepted Shaq as a hip-hop artist and did not think much of it, while others rejected him and did not think a NBA player should become a musical entertainer. Once others realized it was possible they joined Shaq and tried a new career. One of those was hip-hop artist Master P of New No Limit Records.

Master P was at the top of his game in the music industry and looked at being a professional basketball player as not only a new challenge but also a lifetime dream. Master P became a member of the New Orleans Hornets and later joined the Fort Wayne Fury. Not received as Shapuille O’Neal, Master P did not remain in the NBA or other professional basketball leagues long. That has not stopped the entrepreneurial spirit of others athletes to make music a career.

NBA stars such as Carmelo Anthony, Richard Hamilton, Ron Artest, and Allen Iverson have all taken a chance and joined the world of music. Some have had success while others face the rejection that Master P once had. The decision for some is one that has been a dream for years while for others it is a real goal that they have produced into a career.

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