Arkansas Man, 21, Dies After 1 Drop Of New LSD-Like Drug 25-I

Clayton Otwell, 21, of Little Rock, Arkansas died on last week after taking one drop of the claimed rising lethal drug – 25-I. Otwell is stated to have loved going to music festivals and traveled with his best friend Mandie Newell around the country, however during his joyous time at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, LA, it would turn into his last one.

Clayton Otwell, who actually had a pact with his best friend to not accept drugs from strangers, may have been too incoherent to remember his pact after a few drinks of Vodka and Red Bulls.

According to Otwell’s best friend Mandie Newell, Clayton had helped a kid find their lost mobile phone at the festival and in return he was offered a free dose of 25-I from a bottle.

The dealer of the drug dropped one dose of 25-I in Clayton Otwell’s nostril and this is where the trouble began.

According to Newell, Clayton Otwell started murmuring and she took him to the medical tent. Within 30 minutes, Otwell allegedly had a seizure and lost his consciousness which was never reclaimed.

On Saturday night, Clayton Otwell was placed on life support and on Tuesday he died.

Meanwhile, authorities are hunting down those who are selling the illegal drug 25-I, sometimes called N-Bomb for its chemical composition 25I-NBOMe. The dealers lately have been targeting individuals like those at the Voodoo Festival and those who seem to be gullible drug takers and buyers.

The drug is stated to be extremely potent and will cause seizures as well as loss of consciousness and may bring on death like Clayton Otwell as well as several others who are reported to have died from the drug.

Otwell’s mother hopes that justice is brought and her son death is a warning to those who are thinking about taking the drug 25-I.

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  1. So *alcohol* made him so incoherent that he forgot his pact and ended up dead? I think there was more than one deadly drug at fault here.

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