Another Miami Zombie Cannibal Attack; Man On Bath Salts Tries To Eat Police Officer

Following the face-eating Miami cannibal attack, Maryland brain and heart eating cannibal and the gay porn star cannibal, a new attack has occurred with this time targeted at a police officer in Miami.

According to reports, Brandon De Leon, 21, tried to bite a police officer and growled and clamped his teeth in the same manner Rudy Eugene did before he was shot dead after eating and tearing off the face of 65 year-old Ronald Poppo a homeless man who had been on the streets for over 3 decades, as reported on

Brandon De Leon who is also homeless is believed to had been high on drugs and had drank the alcoholic beverage Four Loko. According to some reports, Brandon De Leon reportedly was in an argument with another man outside of a Boston Market restaurant on Saturday. The two men allegedly had been fighting and was distrubing patrons who were trying to leave and enter the restaurant.

According to WSVN News 7, Brandon De Leon came into the restaurant and begin yelling obscenities which drew the attention of police officers dining at the food chain. Either way, he drew the attention of the police.

North Miami Beat police state that Brandon De Leon banged his head repeatingly against the patrol’s car glass, yelled he was going to eat officers, had thrown up his middle finger and also said to officers ‘f-ck you.’

Even after Brandon De Leon was arrested and taken to the police station his antics continued. Brandon De Leon attempted to bite an officer as he tried to take his blood pressure and because of his continuous behavior of banging his head, growling and snarling, he was placed in restraints and a bite mask.

When test results came back for Brandon De Leon it was found that he had a blood alcohol level of .29 and indeed had been taking Cloud 9 a version the drug bath salts along with cannabis and Xanax.

When court time came for Brandon De Leon to face the judge on Monday, he stated he had no recollection of the incident and didn’t remember what had happened.

Brandon De Leon was charged with disorderly conduct/breach of the peace and resisting an officer with violence and had his bond set at $5,500.

Since the outbreak of bath salt cannibals, police have been told to take precaution especially with the homeless population.

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