Angry Power 99 fans talk boycott of Kim 98.9 FM

Fans of recently shutdown Memphis hip-hop radio station Power 99 are stirring up talk all across the internet of a boycott and petition of new station, KIM 98.9.

Angry fans feel so strongly about the decision of Citadel Broadcasting to change the format of Power 99 to 98.9 KIM FM, that talk is stirring up all across the internet of a boycott and petition of KIM 98.9. Even on the popular websites such as Yahoo! Answers, Myspace, and more, former listeners of Power 99 FM are posting up their rants and raves. Whether or not this will turn into an actual boycott is not yet determined, but it is somewhat impressive, if anything, that listeners are fustrated enough to even be thinking of taking matters further than simple questions and comments. This definitely goes to show that Power 99 had popularity and people actually noticed the things that Power 99 was doing in the community and over the airwaves.

“I honestly think this may have been a major cost-cutting move … It’s not a very well-thought out cluster at all… Heaven forbid anyone go after KIX…”, one poster stated in an online forum about Citadel Broadcasting changing Power 99 over to the adult variety radio station now KIM 98.9.

Another listener stated, “I am so pissed about this! I’ve called the station and left a message (you can do that too 901-680-9898) and I’ve sent emails, left messages online and told all of my other friends to do so as well. This is crap. Where is Wendy Williams??? Where is Freddy Hydro??? This station is owned by Citadel Broadcasting. They own 98.1 FM (rock), Kix 106 FM (country), 103.5 FM (oldies r&b) and Power 99 (98.9) used to be hip hop, now it’s some bull*ish in Memphis. Just when something gets good….”

Although the site Power 99 Memphis is now redirecting to, the Power 99 Memphis social networking page is still up displaying it’s slogan “NON STOP HIP HOP ALL DAY LONG 24/7! YOU WILL HEAR MUSIC FROM THE MTOWN TO HTOWN,” but obviously, that is no longer the case.

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