Amazon Now Features A Digital Music Store launched a music store today and has had a successful start.

The already very popular site has always had the feature of buying CD’s, but with the growing technology and other companies offering digital music download, it seemed like the right time for Amazon to open their own store.

They made sure to let everyone know it was not a service, but a store. The difference is that a service such as iTunes makes it where when the consumer buys a song from them it is protected. This means the purchaser can only burn a certain amount of copies, which does get very annoying. With Amazon’s Music Store, they are not worried about what you do with the music once you download it. It is in other words “unprotected”.

Amazon has been selling music for a long time and knows what its users like so many think the store will be a success. The store has opened today and is selling songs from major labels as well as many independent.

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