Academy Award Winner Frayser Boy Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Assault, Says Charges Are False

Academy Award winner Frayser Boy was due in court recently where he plead guilty to a lesser charge for aggravated assault.

Academy Award winner, producer, rapper and Hypnotize Minds affiliate Frayser Boy born Cedric Coleman was due in court recently where he plead guilty to a lesser charge for aggravated assault. Previously sources told that Frayser Boy was basically framed and taken advantage of by the Memphis judicial system after a Caucasian man called 911 falsely reporting and alleging that Frayser Boy stuck his pistol in his face for no reason in a Kroger parking lot in Memphis, TN. Then the man reported that Frayser Boy revealed his gun allegedly to another man down the street from Kroger on Germantown Parkway the same day.

Soon after the report was made, the low-key and reserved rapper Frayser Boy was served with a warrant days later for aggravated assault which had him in and out of court for months.

During a brief sit down, Frayser Boy spoke with and explained what really happened.

The rapper told, that he was backing into a parking spot at Krogers on Germantown Parkway, when all of a sudden, he heard “BOOM BOOM”. It was a Caucasian male walking behind Frayser Boy’s Tahoe truck who had hit the back of the truck with is hand. The man then began beating on the hood of the truck and then came around to his passenger side window and stuck his head through the window and started to curse the rapper out saying he should “watch where the hell he was going” and a host of other vulgar statements. Frayser Boy claims he reached for his licensed weapon and demanded that the man get his head out of his car, due to not knowing what the man was attempting since he is a known rapper. Then the man backed up slow and left.

After leaving, the man soon called the police giving them a description of Frayser Boy and his truck and went on to add to his claim that he saw Frayser Boy do it to someone else not far from where it happened to him. What Frayser Boy didn’t know was that the false report and claims would leave him without a permit to carry his licensed handgun.

The rapper eventually plead guilty to a lesser charge instead of taking it to trial because of the constant back and forth court dates affecting career and the City taken the man’s word over his (Frayser Boy’s) words.

Since this incident, Frayser Boy has been keeping focus on his work and upcoming project “Da Key” which is expected to release sometime in 2008.

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