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90 Teen Students Pregnant At Memphis City High School: Pregnancy Epidemic?!

One Memphis High School is drawing attention not for its’ academics, but for having around 90 teen girls or more either pregnant or for having a child this school year 2010-2011.

The school in question is the 800 body Frayser High School which is located in Frayser, a community in North Memphis. In addition to the startling news, the community of Frayser is stated to have some of the highest numbers of teen pregnancies in the City of Memphis which is one of the reasons it is being classified as an epidemic and crisis.

According to reports, an initiative is underway to trample the massive number of pregnancies in the Frayser community which will include a $250K targeted advertising campaign, a system that stresses the responsibility of young men and in-school and after-school programs.

The question now is how worthy will these programs be? Should more focus be placed on diseases and protection? Should the pregnant teens be placed in programs to prevent future pregnancies? Where are the parents? Are cable network shows such as 16 and Pregnant aired on MTV helping to encourage such activities? A lot of questions could be asked.

Meanwhile, the starting point for this crisis is to warn the teens who are thinking about having sex to protect themselves from pregnancies and diseases and show them the adverse effects which could take place due to their choices.

The initiative is expected to start January 20th.

In related news, Memphis isn’t the first school in the news for high pregnancies, and very possibly not the last, as in Oct of ’09, Robeson High in Chicago — another school of 800 students — made headlines for having around 115 teen pregnancies. Let’s not forget also the now infamous news of the 17 teen girls from Gloucester High School who reportedly decided to all get pregnant at once.

Pregnant teens in high school is surely a national topic which is no longer a secret.

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