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5 Yr-Old Girl Found Locked In Washing Machine On Spin Cycle Is Airlifted To Hospital

laundromat washing machine

In a shocking story in Pasadena, TX in the Houston area, a 5 year-old girl was found “tumbling” inside a washing machine set on high spin cycle.

According to police, the girl had been spinning in a running washing machine at Le’s Washateria Laundromat for several minutes before being noticed by a customer.

The child was airlifted to a hospital in Houston where she has been hospitalized and is expected to survive.

Authorities are unaware how the girl came to end up in the washing machine.

Ironically before the incident, the manager says someone was returned their money after attempting to use the machine after claiming the machine wasn’t working correctly.

It is unclear who was supervising the young child but an employee is evidently the one that stopped the machine using circuit breakers.

Pasadena police is currently investigating the incident.

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