5 to 8 yr old Little Girl Twerkin On Facebook To Ciara
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5-8 yr-old Girl Twerkin Video On Facebook, To Ciara’s Body Party, Enrages Users

5 to 8 yr old Little Girl Twerkin On Facebook To Ciara

A video posted on Facebook of a pre-teen little girl performing the Twerk dance has garnered more than 20,000 shares and nearly 10,000 comments of enraged users.

The little girl in the video looks to be no more than five to eight years of age, but can be seen twerkin and poppin her butt while squatting down with her hands on her legs.

The little girl can be seen performing the dance to Ciara’s music song “Body Party.”

Ciara’s Body Party contains lyrics like “You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Me, Touch Me Right There, Rock My Body / I Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Your Body Is My Party.” While it goes into her love dance to her man stating “I’m Doing This Little Dance For You / You Got Me So Excited / Now It’s Just Me On You.”

Enraged with the video, many users are upset with the unidentified parent(s)/guardians, who cannot be seen on the video while posting their enraged comments.

See the video and comments, click here.

In a related story, another controversial video was one of two girls caught twerkin on Facebook and their father literally tried to beat the Twerk out of them all caught on camera.


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  1. It’s called dancing you idiots there’s nothing wrong with the girl dancing she wasn’t doing it on no man she was just dancing dammittt i get so sick of morons and their dammm judging as opinions ughhhhh….

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