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3 Men’s Murder Plot To Kidnap, Kill, & Castrate Singer Justin Bieber Foiled

Three men had some devious and horrifying ideas on what they wanted to do teen heartthrob and Pop singer Justin Bieber. The three men in question had planned a murder plot and were planning not only to kill the young star, but also castrate him in New York City on last month.

Dana Martin, who is in jail on two life sentences for raping and murdering a 15-year-old Vermont girl in 2000, is accused of being the man behind the entire plot. The plot devised was to kill 18 year-old Justin Bieber at his sold-out Madison Square Garden concert in November.

Martin, enlisted former inmate Mark Staake to help him arrange the killing. Mark Staake, 41, who must have decided he would need help, brought on his nephew Tanner Ruane, 23, whom he recruited to kill Justin Bieber and his bodyguard.

Dana Martin, who is a fan of Justin Bieber and is adorned with a Justin Bieber tattoo, must have had a change of heart and turned in his accomplices. Did Martin just want his fellow inmate Staake back under with him?

Mark Staake eventually got arrested for a New Mexico violation on Nov. 19 in Vermont for violation of felony probation for aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon.

Staake’s nephew Tanner Ruane, was arrested the next day at a gas pump with the tools (paisley tie and pruning shears) he was planning to kill Justin Bieber with and the documentation for the killing.

This isn’t the first threat against Justin Bieber, fortunately, this plot was foiled.

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