2010 Southern Entertainment Awards Nominations Have Begun!

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Nominations for the 2010 Southern Entertainment Awards has started so if you haven’t already, logon to cast your votes!

Nominations began running and run every year from May 1st to Aug. 15th!

Please go to to cast your nominations and nominate your favorites in the 2010 Southern Entertainment Awards.

Here’s the list of this year’s winners from the 2009 Southern Entertainment Awards where took home 2009 SEA “Website of the Year” award and here’s a story recap of the event along with pictures of performers and guests which took place at the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, MS. Best of luck for everyone and as always, thanks for your votes!!

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  1. If you have been to ANY major awards show, you would see that the trophies are ALWAYS given back at the end of the award show, even at the grammy’s.

    BUT In other words, DJ RPM (part family) won mixtape dj of the year, and he HAS his award?!

    Mindset Music Group will be in the house!

    Please visit to vote!

    Nominees, if you want a custom voting form, easier for your fans to vote, please contact me. LIMITED forms for LIMITED artists.

    K-Lord – Slept On Artist Of The Year
    Alex Nguyen – Internet Hustler Of The Year

  2. Question Memphis Rap did you get your award! I guess so, if your promoting the award show. Ask them what , happen to the other 60 + people who didn’t “there were over 80 plus winners”.
    You guys are a voice in the memphis community, before you market or promote just anyone. Research them to make sure they are stand up people that hold up to there word.We have enough of money hungry people already in the music business,we (your readers) don’t need to know about another one.
    By the way: The founders have been contacted SERVERAL times and are aware of the award less, awards complaint.I think they are hoping people would forget.

  3. They got to be kidding me! They haven’t given the people who won their trophies from 2009. The SEA is the award less, award show. They need to get it together. I’m very disappointed in them, I thought they were an honest event, but I know for a fact there is deception.Ask anyone who attended or won an award they would confirm the facts! SEA is UNDER-UNDER Rated!

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