Lennon Lacy found hanging near trailer homes
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17 Year Old N. Carolina Teen Lennon Lacy Found Hanging For Dating A White Woman

Lennon Lacy found hanging near trailer homes

The story of Lennon Lacy, the 17 year-old black teenager from Bladenboro, North Carolina found hanging near a trailer park allegedly for dating a white woman, will either leave you sad, disturbed or outraged at the details of his death.

The official report of Lennon Lacy concludes that the teenager died from suffocation of a hanging by possible suicide.

The 17 year-old was found hanging from a swing set in the Bladenboro town just a few hours before he was due to play a big game with his high school football team.

The young teen was known as a “polite” and “well-mannered,” church-going young man.

Lacy’s father, Larry Walton, was one of the last people to see the young teenager alive before he was found hanging near a trailer park in the town in Bladenboro which is reportedly known for its racial tension.

Lacy was a line-backer for his football team, the West Bladen Knights, where he reportedly had big dreams and plans for himself before his untimely death.

When his father last saw him, he was reportedly preparing his uniform for the upcoming football game that day.

Walton told his son that he should get some sleep but heard the front door open and close before he himself went back to bed.

Reportedly, the next morning, Lacy’s uniform was still on the bed discovered by his mother who then found the police at her door.

Since the incident, the family has been attempting to get answers surrounding his death, which reportedly has been deemed a suicide which the family is refusing to accept.

Reports state that Lacy had a great-uncle whom he was close to that had a funeral that Lacy had attended the day before.

So claims say the teenager may have been depressed though that can’t be determined from an autopsy.

A lawyer working for the NAACP’s North Carolina branch suggests that Lennon Lacy was actually relieved that his great-uncle had died from a long time of a painful illness.

So far, Lacy’s family deems his death a mystery because they have not gotten any answers as to why their teenaged son, who was in a relationship with an older white woman named Michelle Brimhall, 31, was found hanging from a swing set after no signs of anything wrong.

Lacy and Brimhall had reportedly been involved for a few months where in North Carolina the age of consent is 16.

Brimhall too herself doesn’t believe that Lacy would have taken his own life and stated that he loved his mother so much.

Reportedly, the family is considering exhuming the body of Lacy so that they can have their own independent autopsy done in order to discover more.

Allegedly, Lacy’s family was told by investigators about some sneakers that did not have shoe laces which was found at the time of his death. The relatives claim they didn’t recognize the shoes that they were told about because the teenager had just bought a new pair of Jordans shortly before his death.

Furthermore, the lawyer for the family was shocked to find that no one had brought up the fact that Lennon Lacy had a bump on the right side of his forehead that was not referenced at all in the report by authorities and actually mentions that “no scalp lacerations or contusions are present.”

Last but not least, the family is concerned that no swabs of their son for DNA was taken to determine whether another party may have been involved.

The family is simply left at disbelief that they are being told that their 17 year-old son that had big dreams had taken his own life in such a public exposed place by hanging himself in the town of Bladenboro, which has a population of around under 2,000 people with 80% white and 18% black.

Reportedly, the town of Bladenboro has seen nearly 100 reported hangings since 1882.

In addition, a couple of the family’s neighbors, who reportedly came to be OK with Lacy eventually since he was friends with many others, were confronted by police and asked to remove signs out from in front of their homes that included racial signs such as “n-----s keep out” and confederate flags.

To make matters worse, after Lennon Lacy’s funeral, the family discovered days later that someone had desecrated his grave spot and placed the flowers from his burial plot many feet away on the side of the road and dug a hole into his plot.

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