14 Yr Old Pennsylvania Boy Tasered By Police

14 Yr Old Teen Accused of Shoplifting Was Beaten, Tortured By Police, Mom Says

14 Yr Old Pennsylvania Boy Tasered By Police

A mother, Marissa Sargeant, of a fourteen year old boy who was accused of shoplifting along with two adults, is bringing awareness of the incident and claims that Pennsylvania police brutally beat and tortured her son.

According to Marissa Sargeant, two Tullytown, Pennsylvania police officers left her son with a broken nose, eyes swollen shut and tasered him in the face.

Sargeant went on to say that they told her not to come to the police station and when she did arrive they only spoke to her through the door and told her he was fine and had ordered him pizza.

“I didn’t see my son for three days and the cops says o he’s fine,” state Marissa Sargeant who wrote a message online in hopes to seek justice is asking for anyone to help her get justice.

Meanwhile, the police have their own side of the story and state that they had handcuffed the young teenage boy and placed him in the back of a squad car and somehow he escaped which resulted in them chasing him.

The police also allege that the teen didn’t listen to orders and they had to use the taser several times after giving several warnings to him.

Meanwhile, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler says that they are not investigating the incident but would if the mother presented the complaint.

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