Christian Ferdinand 22 kills 14 yr-old girlfriend Shaniesha Forbes
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14 Yr-Old Tells 22 Yr-Old Boyfriend She’s Pregnant, So He Suffocates, Sets Her On Fire & Stuffs Her Body In A Suitcase

Christian Ferdinand 22 kills 14 yr-old girlfriend Shaniesha Forbes

A 22 year-old boyfriend named Christian Ferdinand has been sentenced to 29 years to life after killing his 14 year-old girlfriend, Shaniesha Forbes, whom he met on Facebook, because she told him she was pregnant and wouldn’t get an abortion.

Ferdinand killed Forbes by smothering her with a leather pillow, spraying her with Axe body spray before setting her body on fire and then placed her charred corpse in a suitcase that he then dumped in a creek.

All this was done simply because the 14 year-old told Ferdinand that she was pregnant and would not get an abortion claiming it would hurt her religious mother.

The news came from Shaniesha “Mimi” Forbes to Ferdinand in the form of a text message back in January 2013 when the murder occurred.

Following the text, Ferdinand and Forbes later sat down to talk about the pregnancy on a couch at Ferdinand’s cousin’s house.

It wasn’t long before the 22 year-old snapped, grabbed a leather pillow, suffocated his girlfriend to death, ignited her lifeless naked body with Axe body spray, set her on fire, then put her burned and charred corpse in a suitcase before tosses it into Gerritsen Bay waters.

When asked did the 14 year-old fight him back, Ferdinand said she tried but the 14 year-old was simply too little to fight off the 22 year-old Ferdinand as he took her life through suffocation.

Forbes; body was later found when the suitcase washed up on the Brooklyn, New York Gerritsen Beach.

What did Ferdinand do after such an horrific crime? He booked a hotel with an ex-girlfriend, who wanted to have sex with him, but according to authorities Ferdinand told her he was too tired.

The 22 year-old was bold enough to ask for a light sentence after initially claiming his innocence by reportedly asking investigators if they think he could “get some kind of community service.”

To add to the shocking story, it was found after autopsy by the medical examiner that the 14 year-old Shaniesha Forbes was not actually pregnant.

Christian Ferdinand had no prior conviction, though prosecutors sought the maximum sentence due to his lack of remorse for killing Shaniesha Forbes.

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