Memphis and BBQ
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10 Things You Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners About Memphis

Memphis and BBQ

Living in Memphis, Tennessee, we know our city, but living outside of the ‘M-Town,’ you may not know what you think you know.

Helping travelers learn about Memphis, TN may not be as adventurous as the experience you have when you come to the City of Memphis, but we can tell you some things that you may need to know before arriving in the M-Town.

Here’s a couple of things that we as Memphians may need to explain to people before they visit our city.

  1. Not everyone talks southern slang or ebonics.
  2. Not everyone in Memphis has the southern drawl that you may think is the common dialect. Now don’t get us wrong, you may surely hear, “How yall doing” and “iunno” every now and then.

  3. Not everyone knows how to get to Elvis Presley Blvd.
  4. Though Elvis Presley is one of the most famous people out of the City of Memphis, not everyone has been to Graceland, though they probably should pay ‘the King’s’ home a visit.

  5. You’re not going to be murdered by some gun-toting hip-hop rapper.
  6. Though you’ve heard of Three 6 Mafia and maybe even their association with the number 666 as well as Yo Gotti, don’t worry about voodoo or gun-toting gangster rappers ‘murkin’ you in the streets. Actually the members of Three 6 Mafia are nice people, we know, we’ve met them.

  7. M-Town stands for Memphis.
  8. Some people think M-Town stands for Music Town and a bunch of other variations but it actually stands for Memphis, TN. If you find yourself in a conversation with a native Memphian and they say “M-Town,” they are referring to the nickname that has long been Memphis, TN.

  9. Yes, you can drink alcohol outdoors on Beale Street, but not everywhere.
  10. Although Beale Street is not a 24/7 entertainment district, you can party and drink until 5AM on the infamous street, but that doesn’t mean you can go off of Beale Street with your alcohol.

  11. No. We do not have only one mall in Memphis.
  12. Memphis actually has more than one mall. Memphis has the Wolfchase Galleria, Oak Court Mall, Hickory Ridge Mall, Southland Mall, Southbrook Mall, Plaza Latina Hispanic Mall and the hopefully soon-to-be renovated Raleigh Springs Mall; plus, a ton of shopping centers including Laurelwood Shopping Center, Overton Square, Carriage Crossing, The Shops of Saddlecreek and others.

  13. Don’t drive through Voodoo Village at night for fun.
  14. Though you might hear the tale of the scary stories of Voodoo Village, don’t plan a jokingly, fun Halloween trip through Voodoo Village for thrills.

  15. Beale Street Music Festival
  16. If you don’t know about Beale Street Music Festival, shame on you. Head over to

  17. The Mississippi River is not for swimming.
  18. Though you may build up the courage after a few shots or beer bongs on Beale Street, don’t go diving off Riverside Dr into the Mississippi river. Though it’s serene at first glance, there’s some serious activity going on in the infamous Mississippi River and we’re not talking about the “Return of The Mummy.”

  19. “Howdy” is not the formal greeting in Memphis.
  20. It may be OK in Texas, Nashville or other places, but in Memphis you’re better off saying “Hello,” “Hi” or simply just “What’s Up.”


  21. Not everyone eats Barbeque in Memphis.
  22. Just because Memphis is one of the most known cities for barbeque, that is not all to be found in the M-Town. We do have restaurants that serve vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and other types of cuisines and dishes.

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