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It don’t get any better than # 1 and our Memphis Tiger’s are sitting pretty on that top spot getting all kinds of attention for thier hard work and killer plays. Rapper 40 Kel and DJ Twinkie have pulled together a hit for our Tiger’s, screaming “I… am…. #1” using the beat of the popular Nelly song. Kel was first featured doing “rapping movie reviews” for The 107.5 Karson and Kennedy Show. All it took was one introduction of this inspiring white rapper and Memphis was hooked! They wanted more of 40 Kel…and he delivered. Here is a lil insight on how he got started and what’s brought him to where he is-

Kelly “40 Kel” Stafford is one of Memphis’ hottest upcoming artists in the industry. 40 Kel, born and raised in North Memphis around the Nutbush area, was destined to entertain from the second he could walk and talk. Acting a fool, cutting up, and getting in trouble helped mold this unique individual to the man he is today. He brings his experiences and real talk outlook to his music. He feels that you gain more respect when you bring reality to your music. “I can only give you me and what I have seen and felt”, is what he believes in, in anything you do. He began free styling back in high school when he saw one of his classmates, who is now Miscellaneous, beating on tables and rapping in class. From then on he knew that is what he wanted to do. He went on for years just free styling and writing whatever came to mind, until one day he and long time friend Bulletproof Andy decide to take it to the next level. They hit it big with their first single “Ghost Gangsta”, which became an instant classic throughout Memphis, and set them on their way to stardom. 40 Kel then went on by himself to take the industry by storm. With the mentoring of DJ Zirk he learned the industry and how to sell himself, which brought him together with DJ Twinkie of IWE Records. Now hooked up with DJ Twinkie, 40 Kel has had that taste of success.There is no stopping him from reaching the top! With his catchy hooks, ferice lyrics, a dash of comedy, and a real down to earth guy you can’t help but love this kid. He even has his own segment on the Karson and Kennedy Morning Show on Q107.5 .He was noticed by Karson and Kennedys producer Latty , and now does a “Rapping Movie Review”every Friday morning which airs at 7:30 and at 9:30. You can hear his reviews at, click on Karson and Kennedy. He is also featured in other songs he has done for the Karson and Kennedy Morning Show. Latty asked 40Kel to do a Memphis Tiger remix song for the Karson and Kennedy show, and it went to the top. The song was used as the Memphis Tiger highlight song on News Channel 3. You can hear the song on Q107.5, and its also on their website.

Here are a few inks to where you can go check out 40Kel and DJ Twinkie

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Category About Memphis Music Featured on Jeopardy

(Memphis) Memphis is in the spotlight today on the popular game show Jeopardy. The Memphis Music Hall of Fame was a category on the game show that airs right here on News Channel 3. The five questions were relating to some of the 2012 inaugural inductees into The Memphis Music Hall of Fame which was launched in 2012.


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