Trigga Mane - Three Six Diss front cover
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Trigga Mane ft. Skinny Pimp and Mr. Sche – Goblin (Three 6 Mafia Diss)

Trigga Mane - Three Six Diss front cover

Trigga Mane featuring Skinny Pimp and Mr Sche in track Goblin (Three 6 Mafia Diss).

Trigga Mane ft. Skinny Pimp and Mr. Sche – Goblin (Three 6 Mafia Diss)

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  1. you know good and damn well, all that is is jus jealousy, and wannabe s--t, three six go hard as hell, cause they still bout tha south, and still the realest s--t to eva come outta tha south, f--k trigga’s fagot a-s

  2. Three 6 go hard as hell!!!! I never heard of a Trigga Manne in all my years of bumpin that Memphis s--t. Dis muhfucka sorry as hell using flows he heard from other 3-6 diss songs from the other lames that couldnt stay wit the group the only ex members that get respect is Lord and Boo Gangsta Blac still go hard

  3. f--k all yall! i miss the old days when skinny use to go hard on sqeeky n 3-6,get em skinny! so put on some alcohol,and rub yo knots…na na na na na,u got poppped wit my glock!,ha ha! dat was some funny s--t! f--k paul big face a-s! and juicy gay,i mean jay,in the closet a-s!

  4. North memphis killa is a white boy from the suburbs,Kill ya self. and to trigga mane, when you put out a wack mixtape called f--k three six mafia,Your gonna get hated on, Don’t try to play it off that you didn’t diss them niggaz, i heard yo mixtape on datpif and on myspace and that s--t was wack. if you can’t handle the pressure of bad feed back and tryin to lie and say you didn’t put the song out, this bizznezz ain’t for you mane.

  5. as i seen, that is not me who posted the song with the diss entitled, that song was entitled goblins, and i knew Sche’s verse had nothing to do with them. i have had issues with them and the way they did some of there artists, but i would not include someone’s name without there consent. as u can see i have project pat on my album so there is no anamosity. to all my fans YOU know who the real trigga mane is to the haters who judge books by there covers. kill ya selfs

  6. f--k 36 paul and juicy sum h--s they wont even b seen on these mtown streets or they kno they will get done in by sum real killa. paul bet hope zirk dont evaaaaaa see his a-s fa real! or he gone lockm in the trunk!

  7. Funny how its f--k three 6 BUT all his album features is old three 6 members,just show how dude used to ride they d--k,and tha song song,trigga mane is horriBle

  8. this guy is a little h-e 4 sho just tryna get his name out herre…skinny pimp dat n---a is a legend in memphis but he fell off so f--k him deez niggaz suck azz

  9. sche didnt know them n----s was dissin 3 6 mafia. he was just talkin about any n---a in general who fitted the bill. that triggamane f--k boi need to just quit he tryna look acceptable by PAYING KNOWN memphis rappers to do songs with him

  10. damn!!! this whole song is trash, worst white rapper ever, man the dude is fake, i can’t believe mr sche did this junt with the garbage a-s rap. This n---a ain’t even from Memphis, Wtf!!

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