Mack DVS - FREE DVS Mixtape back cover art

Mack DVS Featuring: Lord Infamous, II Tone, Big Sche, Don Cipher, Shelby Forest Click – FREE DVS (Mixtape)

Mack DVS - FREE DVS Mixtape cover art

Lab Rat Muzik presents Mack DVS in his latest mixtape, FREE DVS featuring Lord Infamous, II Tone, Big Sche, Don Cipher, Shelby Forest Click and others with production from Nsane Productions, Beatg33kz, vtz, JP On Tha Track, and Zone Beatz. All Songs Recorded In Tha State Penitentiary. Listen to the mixtape, peep the tracklisting, back cover and features after the jump.

1. Intro (Disc 1)
2. I Wish You Would (Disc 1)
3. Bounce Back (Disc 1)
4. Got Beef Ft. J. Nelson (Disc 1)
5. For So Long (Disc 1)
6. We Aint Gotta Rush Ft. T-Melody (Disc 1)
7. Jungle Juice and Optimos Ft. Lord Infamous, Big ‘A’, J. Nelson (Disc 1)
8. No Good 4 You Ft. T-Melody (Disc 1)
9. Plastic Ft. KD II Tone (Disc 1)
10. Oh My God Ft. Vegas (Disc 1)
11. Guitar Junt Ft. Brave Dave, J. Nelson Big ‘A’ (Disc 1)
12. Still The Same Ft. T-Melody (Disc 1)
13. Throw Rocks Ft. Brave Dave J. Nelson (Disc 1)
14. Losin’ Faith (Disc 1)
15. Memphis S--t (Disc 2)
16. Break A Spine Time ReMiX Ft. II Tone (Disc 2)
17. North Memphis To The Bay Ft. Don Cipher (Disc 2)
18. Better Way (Disc 2)
19. Cant Sleep Ft. Brave Dave (Disc 2)
20. One Of Those Days Ft. T-Melody (Disc 2)
21. What Does It Take Ft. Brave Dave (Disc 2)
22. Satisfied Ft. T-Melody (Disc 2)
23. My Own Ft. T-Melody Big ‘A’ (Disc 2)
24. Rob You (Disc 2)
25. Camera Freak Ft.  Chuck Sweaty (Disc 2)
26. Standin’ Still Ft.  Big Sche Big Hill (Disc 2)
27. When We Was Kids (Disc 2)
28. Outro (Disc 2)

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