Big Face Mike – Gangsta As I Wanna Be Mixtape

Big Face Mike - Gangsta As I Wanna Be mixtape cover

Money In The Building Entertainment presents Big Face Mike in the “Gangsta As I Wanna Be” Mixtape hosted by DJ 007.

Gangsta As I Wanna Be, the Mixtape includes Big Face Mike’s first single, “In Da Hood,” produced by Sweat The Track Productions.

1. Intro
2. Yeah I Am ft Chay
3. In Da Hood Wit It
4. Phone Conversation
5. Da Conversation ft Losalino and Kato
6. Rock and Roll ft Mac E and Don Vito
7. Pimpin N Da Booth Skit
8. Prostitute ft Losalino and Alex Da Great
9. Get Up Wit A G
10. Gangsta As I Wanna B
11. XL Magnum ft Don Vito and King Ray
12. Ride Thru My Hood
13. No Rookies Skit
14. Still Hustlin ft Big Loc and Kato
15. Gangsta As I Wanna B Skit
16. My Life
17. Money N Da Buildin ft Don Vito
18. Pimpin ft Don Vito
19. Black Suits Blue Roses ft Kato, Big Loc, Smoke and Losalino

Download: “Gangsta As I Wanna Be” Mixtape (256 KBPS)

Alternative Zshare download link (256KBPS)

Smaller download file: Zshare link (128KBPS)


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  1. i listen to this, sounds good, real bumpin’. has a texas upnorth and memphis feel to it. Numba 11 last verse was foreal fresh as heck.

  2. Hot s--t b-----s! He going ham on da rap game don’t sleep on my boi fa real! Download my n---a mixtape n tell a friend muhfuckaz!

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