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Gyft – They Just Don’t Know


Slept on Memphis rap artist, Gyft, winner of K97’s Next Big Thing Showcase, in track “They Just Don’t Know.”

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  1. I Love this Lil\’ cute song..i heard it about 2 weeks ago n my car…I\’m a mom..older mom..and call my kids all 3 of younger friends and noone had heard it..tried the radio stations…internet nothing. I\’m at my desk today and there it is…Soooo Cool even for an old skooler. Make It Happen Gfyt…

  2. To all of you all that want to get this song you can get it from itunes, myxer, myspace just about anywhere. I found it in no time, Good luck with that.

  3. I love this song. Im from Ar. and was home and heard it. I got back to Tx. and couldnt find it. I will buy it. let me know how to get a copy of your hit

  4. I LOVE THIS SONG! Like my name, people see me but they just don’t know! This song makes me push it to the limit even when my feet hurt and I don’t want to dance anymore. I have got to come show you some luv tonight. I can’t wait for the show. :-)

  5. Man,homegirl Im tryna get at right !!! Directed me to this page to check u out. And Im glad she did,thanks for that one C.C. Im feeling this song Gyft !!!!! Maybe you can hook up with me one day.I herd the beat before,but I didn’t know you had rock to this.If you need any tracks come f--k with me @

  6. Diis is da sng 4 da summer maan im in da A nd im tryna put everybody on diis shyt Hatersz fall bak

  7. OMG your song is everything. I hear it almost everyday going to work and when it comes on, I turn the volume all the way up. “They just don’t know” is very different and thats all I’m looking for in music. Now you know when your music is hot, when someones mom likes it. My mom will break hear neck to hear this song. Gyft keep up the great work and keep sending us great music.

  8. I heard this riding through memphis.. This aint even in Nashville yet.. sucks.. so I cant download it from anywhere but dis is goin hard.. keep it up fam

  9. This song is hella tight. I was down in Wynne,AR and i was scaning radio stations on my way down there and heard this song on 97.1, like damn gotta get this. Im from the STL, so got back home called the radio station in stl 104.1 and like yall gotta get this song.Its so fire, lil homie you got talent, keep ya head up and you’ll be all ova the map.

  10. This is my third time hearing this song and the beat is thumpin. I need this shi,,, especially after a hard dayz work.

    People see me but they just dont know! I am a Memphis resident and Gyft keep doin what you doing boo boo. Keep representing the South.

    Memphis Finest!!!!!!!!!!Gray Girl

  11. Gyft definetly needs to be put up on MTV! This is such a great song. He’s so right up there with Jay-Z and all those other rap stars!

  12. OMG I love this damn song!!! It so needs to get out all over the US!! Keep up the awsome work and hurry out with somemore songs!!

  13. ya’ll could go to his myspace page and ask him cause he told me it was on itunes and i’m pretty sure it is so ya’ll and its non but 99 cent so hit em up.

  14. I love this song!I’m glad to know its a Memphis Rapper! This is can be a hit all over the country if it gets heard by the right people!

  15. all i got to sat is dat da south is doing they thang and i hope dat it continues cause people in da south got madd talant dat people fail to see but big ups to erybodi and may GOD bless you n continue to I Love dis song keep doin ya thang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think your song is the S--T!!! REal n---a S--t!!! Continue to do good and always keep GOD first. Just do u and dont let HATING B-----S bring you down!!! Holla Playa

  17. This song is just what people need in deepressing times. It makes you feel good and it doesn’t matter weither you’re young or old this song is a hottt joint!!!!

  18. until today, i just knew this was Jay Z but couldn’t find a thing on the net! i remembered that my manager’s daughter said she knew of you, but still had trouble locating it and FINALLY found it! Gyft, you’re the new sound of Memphis…you got old hip hop heads lovin it and that’s fantastic in itself! it’s definitely a gift, Gyft!

  19. man ur music is d s--t it took me a hard time 2 find ur s--t please make it possible 2 download i love this song is a banger i wish u plenty luck in your sucess with hits like dis its not gonna be hard 2 paper…damn…i throught you was jay z at first but dude u ur a lil harder than jay n im a big jay z fan n now im a big gyft fan 2…..i wish u well i’ll be seeing you on 106 n park or mtv..i know it cuz ur sooooooo hot rite now…

  20. I love this song!
    I’ve been looking all over for it on myspace so I can put it on my page! I STILL can’t find it! lol

  21. this joint here bumpin man keep hustling. to all the people responding u can download they just don’t know by gyft at i Tunes for 99 cent.

  22. People see me too but they just dont know. I am soooo digging this s--t…..Dude, I hope you go far cause you deserve to based on this hit!


  24. I think that this song is so HOTTT!!! Everytime i hear this song it get stuck in my head. It had got to a point to where i had to find out who sing it and i wouldnt gone be able to rest until i found out. I love i think that he came hard when he did this song. i will buy the album just to support him all because of this one song. i turned everybody on to the song i know i can turn them on to the cd no doubts. im lookin foward to hearing more things from him, and hope he come harder on the next. musch love.

  25. I<3this song. this my new theme song! People see me but they just dont know! Ha! Ha! Yeah! Hottest song eva!

  26. I love this song and i hav played it lake 40 times tonight…its on like repeat…….Love It…
    The Gyft is my gyft

  27. i love this song. at first i thought iit was jay-z. you got mad skills. congrats. you should make memphis proud lil daddy

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